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It’s a story of triumph, determination, dreams and love. A story centuries in the making, guided by purpose and fate. Written in moments and dreams and not with paper ink.

IMG_7675IMG_7675 Every little moment. Every kiss. Every glance....is another page.

IMG_7899IMG_7899 It’s the greatest story ever told.

It’s yours.


It starts with love and it ends with love, but every tiny moment in between is what fills the pages of this incredible story with endless hope.


The moments live on beyond us; and the timeless pages are what guide our future generations.


Fill those pages with the memories that make your story; capture these moments.


...The greatest love story ever told.

Write yours



A picture is worth a thousand words, give your moments a voice.

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A Note From A Homeschooling Mom (surrounded by not homeschooled friends) On The First Day https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2018/8/a-note-from-a-homeschooling-mom-surrounded-by-not-homeschooled-friends-on-the-first-day DBC05D95-42B1-4978-961A-2FDDF8EF82F5DBC05D95-42B1-4978-961A-2FDDF8EF82F5

Well today was the day. 
The day that the parks become empty, that target is filled with playful mothers, Starbucks in hand. 

When homeschoolers eyes are open with wonder and shock at not having to wait in line for the swings or museum. 

When our news feeds are filled with tiny little smiling faces holding chalkboards with little shoes that’ll never be so clean again and fresh hair cuts. 

The longest day of carline yet, as everyone figures out exactly what that line of cones mean, and that they accidentally followed the wrong flow of traffic into the high school line instead of the elementary school across the street. 

Social media has shown Some tears, some happy faces and others still in bed at 10:00 (homeschoolers I’m looking at you!) 

A full day of emotion. A new routine. 

Now, as they hop off the bus, climb into the car or walk excitedly home from their first full day, smelling a little like sweat and hand sanitizer- I pray they had a wonderful day, filled with hope and excitement for their year, new best friends and zero bullies. 

I prayed today for all those minds, souls, and hearts. To become full, stay safe, and realize that dreams do come true; but only with hard work.

I prayed for their teachers. To hold onto that passion, and those little hopes and dreams in front of them. To feel like your hard work and effort is instilling a lifetime of everything you want for them, even though you only have 8 hours a day to try to accomplish that. I prayed God shows you the children who need you most, the patience for the ones that need it most, and very few nights crying for the child that you wish you could do more for. I pray for your safety and protection while you lead these little minds to accomplishing their dreams one day. 

I pray, not only today, but everyday.


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Lifestyle Newborn Session - Baby Teddy https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/10/lifestyle-newborn-session---baby-teddy You may remember Baby Teddy from his powerful birth story last month.

I went back shortly thereafter to capture his newborn session.

It was done in part, as a lifestyle session. I am always honored to be invited into folks lives to capture the once in a lifetime moments, like these.

Lifestyle sessions, are where I capture raw, candid moments of the precious joy of welcoming a new little one into the world.

The cuddles, the kisses, the little tiny toes and fingers. There is never a moment like the one where a sweet new baby captivates our hearts.

...and Teddy, well he sure is captivating!

Check out his slideshow:

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) a thousand words a thousand words photography a thousand words sc atwp atwphoto baby boutique brother carolina children dad daughter easley family fun greenville handsome kids little mom newborn photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits session sister south south carolina upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/10/lifestyle-newborn-session---baby-teddy Mon, 16 Oct 2017 04:59:26 GMT
Birth Portraits - Welcoming Baby Teddy https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/9/BirthPortraits-WelcomingBabyTeddy Alison has been a client of mine for some time. I've lovingly documented magical memories of her two beautiful daughters; Olivia and Bernice in the past. So, Of course when she wrote me last winter to quietly, yet excitedly inform me of her bun in the oven, as well as schedule her announcement photos (and maternity, birth & newborn) I was ecstatic.

Nothing excites me more than capturing incredible once in a lifetime memories, watching little ones brought into loving homes, families grow and love overflow- even more so when it's a client and friend that already holds a special place in my heart. Excitement grew as the day approached.

What I adored about Alison's birth plan was not only her and her husbands decision to not learn the gender of their little one before the birth, but also that she planned a completely natural water birth in her cozy home with family and friends present and under the care of her midwife and doula.

"Babs" decided to keep us waiting and on the night before his due date (September 3) Alison called around midnight to inform me that he may be arriving soon; I showered and went straight to bed to rest up for the amazing day that was likely ahead.
Around 6am on September 3, which is also my birthday, her husband Tim called to let me know it was time- so I headed right over. As I was walking to their door, he called again to tell me that she was starting to get ready to push and I ran up the stairs just as she was laboring over the bed.

She progressed so quickly that she was moved into her tub instead of the birthing tub, and she started to push while on her knees.

Her birth was amazingly calm and beautiful. It's hard to put into words how strong and fierce Alison was, how powerful her birth was. Her wonderful doula, midwife, husband and best friend were present and incredibly supportive while she worked through the pain of childbirth and brought her beautiful baby into the world.

The moment her little one was born; she caught him and locked eyes with her husband and cried "it's a boy!" And cried they both realized they were welcoming a precious little boy into the world.

Theodore David Cason
7 pounds, 13 ounces
21 inches long
Born in the water, at home on September 3, 2017 at 7:58 AM

He was laid upon her chest, bright pink and lungs full of rejoicing cries, and the room was silent, tears in all our eyes and a smile on all our faces as we watched him cradled in the arms of his mom and dad and love overfilled the room

I continued to document all the amazing moments that followed as Teddy, mom and dad spent their first moments together:

Grands were called

Cord cutting

Placenta was delivered and examined (the tree of life)

Skin to skin bonding time

First latch and feeding

He was weighed, measured and had his first check up

And everyone gushed.


I will never be able to put into words how incredibly honored I am to capture a child first moments of life, to be trusted with these priceless moments. I cannot wait to see the beautiful young man he grows into. But first... the newborn session! (Coming soon!)

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) a thousand words a thousand words photography a thousand words sc atwp atwphoto baby birth born born in the water boutique brother carolina children dad doula family greenville handsome home birth kids little midwife mom natural park photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits session sister smile south south carolina upstate water birth https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/9/BirthPortraits-WelcomingBabyTeddy Thu, 14 Sep 2017 01:53:37 GMT
Styled Session: Bohemian Goddess https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/9/styled-session-bohemian-goddess As a photographer, nothing thrills me more than a client who is not only gorgeous, but willing to roll with a vision and trust her photographer. Queue this hot momma!

We started with this natural beauty at Ali Waller Makeup & Skin in Greenville, SC.

Ali, is a professional makeup artist (amongst many other things, offering services such as spray tan, body painting, facials, to name a few) and set right to work with a beautiful gypsi inspired look to match the boho sessions theme.

She also did a custom henna style belly painting, completely with dahlias and lotus flowers, all done by hand one of a kind. It was amazing and mesmerizing to witness.

Once finished, I provided her with her custom boho jewelry and clothing and did her hair...and we headed to the beautiful waterfall for a stunning bohemian zen photo session. We included her two handsome men, as well as some artistic shots of just her.

see more below:

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) a thousand words a thousand words photography a thousand words sc adventuretime aliwallermakeupandskin athousandwordsphotography athousandwordssc atwp atwphoto baby becreative blue eyes bohemian bohostyle boutique boutiquephotography brother carolina children dad daughter easley family fineartnude fineartphotography greenville handsome kids little lovemyclients maternityphotography mom park photographer photography pickens piedmont play portrait portraits pregnant session sister smile sneakpeek son south south carolina toddler upstate waterfall yeahthatgreenville yeahthatgreenvillephotographer https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/9/styled-session-bohemian-goddess Sat, 09 Sep 2017 05:48:21 GMT
Feature Friday: Ali Waller Makeup & Skin https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2017/5/feature-friday-ali-waller-makeup-skin When I planned to feature Ali for Feature Friday, I went into it never having formally met her- definitely not knowing her story or how incredibly funny and like-able she is. I knew she was an incredible artist, from seeing her work and that she was a hardworking mom just like me- kicking butt and taking names (and making those same people feel and look more beautiful while at it) what wasn't to love already?

Walking into her shop, and seeing her smiling face; I felt comfortable and immediately at ease. We chatted like old friends and joked with a similar sense of humor (ok some may call this goofiness, toe-may-toe/Tuh-mah-tuh)





















Hearing her talk about her services (which include waxing, facials, spray tanning and make up artistry) and the business she's
built; I saw the passion in her eyes and love for her job. I saw sheer determination spilling from her.

Folks, when you hear her story in a moment, you'll understand where this passion and determination comes from... and when I tell you as someone who has given up so much myself, and spent every ounce of time, energy, money, and poured blood sweat and tears into my business- you'll never meet a business owner that cares about their business and their clients like a small business owner who's had to fight and claw their way to building their dream. Ali is one of those who has built something from nothing and watch out world, she isn't done yet!

Ali's story:
"In 2011 I was getting out of a toxic and abusive marriage. I was trying to figure out what to do to help support myself and my son. Trying to find myself.
I got involved in a local theater and helped out with the make up for footloose. I absolutely loved it. My sweet friend saw my passion pouring out, and suggested I look into Esthetics.

To fulfill my dream; I put myself through school at night and worked during the day. I did all of this as a single mom... luckily I had family that was very supportive and helpful. I couldn't have done any of this without their love & support.

I worked so hard to use the opportunity I had been given to its full potential. I graduated from esthetics school and passed my state boards with almost near perfect scores.
I worked at Massage Envy as an aesthetician for a few years, and started taking freelance jobs as well.

I found out not long after that I was expecting my second child. I was very sick during my pregnancy and had to go on bed rest at 14 weeks and could no longer work.
My daughter was born a preemie and with multiple disabilities. She has had quite a bit of health problems from the beginning. The past two years she has been my full-time job. I've been able to do some weddings and wedding party make up and spray tans very part time.
Recently she started going to a school for medically complex children and has opened up my schedule to be able to work.
I became my own boss so that I can control my schedule and work around my children's needs. My son is legally blind and go to the school for the blind in Spartanburg. They need me to be readily available for them. This allows me to be that person that they need. As well as do what I am passionate about."

  Isn't it amazing to hear her journey?
You guys, She's just as amazing as she sounds! I encourage you to reach out to her, schedule a service with her whether you want to spruce up your skin to be a bronze goddess of summer, have your makeup done for your wedding/prom/event polish up with a facial or some body waxing or a mix of the above- you won't be disappointed. Not only will you love her expertise, you'll fall in love with her as a person!

You can schedule an appointment or find more information on her services at the following:
Email: ali.waller30@gmail.com
Phone: 864.367.4516
Web: www.aliwaller.com
FB :Ali Waller Makeup and Skin
IG: aliwallermua

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Moon Maternity Sneak https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/10/moon-maternity Maternity is one of my absolute favorite sessions to shoot. Not much could make it better, except an adorable family, an elegant gown, beautiful momma, oh and being almost literally on top of the world doesn't hurt much either! 
Please enjoy this beautiful families portraits, and take a moment to comment a little welcome to Baby Ella, in the comments below:


Breathtaking Momma-To-Be in a Gorgeous Mountain Top Setting                                  

BreathtakingBreathtaking Momma-to-be at sunset on the mountain.


                          Beautiful Zoe, excited to be a big sister                                                            This Amazing Family, is so full of love

EchantmentSweet Zoe is excited about her promotion to big sister. MoonbeamsGorgeous family, full of love and excitement for baby Ella







                                           These Two Beautiful Sisters are ready to welcome Baby Ella with Open Arms SistersSweet sisters


                                                      One of my favorite images, taken at dusk. Welcome, Baby Ella!

E is for EllaOne of my favorites, featuring some of Ella's nursery items.


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby beautiful boutique children dad family floral flowers gown greenville high-end kids little maternity mom mountain photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits rustic serene session sister smile sunset upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/10/moon-maternity Fri, 07 Oct 2016 02:46:50 GMT
I Still Carry You (In My Heart) https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/10/i-still-carry-you-in-my-heart October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month... and I am going to open up to you like I never have, in honor of it. 

Miscarriage. A word that has the weight of an anvil. A word almost taboo even in our modern world. 
Almost a quarter of pregnancies are effected by the loss of an infant or unborn child but most grieving mothers feel alone and mourn in silence.  

It is important to me, as a mother who struggles with infertility, as a mother who has suffered through her own miscarriages, as a woman who put on the happy face for even my family and pretended I was ok - because the world didn't understand- to help bring awareness to the unbearable pain of losing an unborn child. I understand that most of my blog posts are light hearted and definitely not so personal... but unless we open up, unless we talk, the stigma will never be gone. 

In August I photographed one of my most difficult sessions to date. A session for a client that I have grown to consider a friend. A client that I have photographed the happiest moments of her life- Christmas sessions, her wedding, sessions of her new family. We had discussed our excitement and plans for her maternity, newborn and sessions beyond when she so excitedly wrote that they were expecting just weeks before.

My eyes welled with tears and my heart broke for her when she wrote telling me of her loss and asking me to help her plan a session to remember her sweet angel.  A session for remembrance, for healing, for awareness. 

You see, these photos are real. You see their pain, you FEEL their pain. You feel my pain. You feel the pain of every woman or family that has had to say goodbye too soon. It isn't easy to see or feel. 

...but that is also why it is so important to share.

The hardest images to see, the hardest things to talk about are the ones most worth looking at and discussing. Women and men need to know they are not alone in this, they are not silly for grieving for their child  they never met. Their pain is valid...and they can talk about it. They can share the hopes they had, what they imagined, what they feel...and we will listen. We will offer a shoulder and an ear. They will not mourn in silence anymore. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto South Carolina a thousand words awareness baby boutique children family greenville infant infertility loss memory miscarriage mom photography piedmont portrait portraits remembrance sadness session upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/10/i-still-carry-you-in-my-heart Sat, 01 Oct 2016 12:00:00 GMT
In Memory of Danielle https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/5/in-memory-of-danielle Danielle Williams 

There are many words that I have heard used to describe Danielle over the years that I have known her and her family. Gorgeous, Happy, Sweet, Outgoing, Smart, child of God.

Firefighter's Daughter and daddy' girl.

Redneck Princess might be the one most have used, even for herself. She was country through and through with a big heart and an intelligent, bright future. It perfectly described her sassy personality.

When I first met Danielle she was young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Tall, skinny, with freckles on her nose. I had just started dating my husband who volunteered with her dad Jimbo at Powdersville Fire Department. I didn't really know anyone yet, but at first look I knew who she belonged to. She looked just like her daddy and acted Just like he and Tracey combined. Outgoing, Country, Sweet and such a people person. Her personality was contagious.

As time went on, like most things and people we didn't get to do as much with the William's but I still enjoyed watching her grow. Seeing the amazing and beautiful young lady she was becoming. The way she was paving for herself...the love she had for her family and friends. 

March 6, was a devastating day for our community and especially her family and friends; as we heard about the fatal accident that took her and two of her friends too soon. As we all look for answers in our master's plans, we find comfort in her faith in our Lord. 

This month, she would be celebrating her prom- doing all the things girls do, and getting ready to walk across the stage as a high school graduate; preparing to enter the world as an adult. Instead we will spend this time in her honor, celebrating her life and remembering her. Knowing she is celebrating in heavenly glory that surpasses our earthly imagination.

No worries, her dress will not hang empty, her best friend will be wearing it in her honor and the celebrations will continue in remembrance. A soul like Danielle's doesn't exist without still feeling her presence.

Her amazing family, friends and community are making sure her legacy lives on. They will be sure that Danielle Williams continues to bless the lives around her, just like she did everyday.

 By creating the Danielle Williams Scholarship Fund, they are helping students achieve their goals of attending college. You can help by donating here: 


...and as always, by continuing to lift her family and friends up in prayer. (and please share your memories in the comments section below)

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 2016 A Thousand Words SC ATWP South Carolina cap family gone but not forgotten graduate graduation greenville heaven honor love photographer photography portraits prom remembrance ring tassle https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/5/in-memory-of-danielle Thu, 12 May 2016 00:53:01 GMT
Sneak Peek Blog: A Family Reunion https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/5/family-reunion I had the honor of photographing a family reunion this past weekend. At least 4 generations in this photo...

The guest of honor was this beautiful lady, the matriarch of the family. In her 90's, she has a lot to be proud of in her beautiful, big family who all came out to spend time with her. 

These are her boys, who had me cracking up...while wrangling them together for a photo. They may have joke with me, but when momma told them to do something, you better believe they did!

Her Grandchildren all love her dearly too, and as you can see here, she was blessed with many. 

One of them told me about how their grandma used to teach in the very one room building they were gathered in (and photographed outside of) for the reunion. I wish I could have spent more time listening to stories of her interesting life and getting to know her family. She is truly blessed (and as are they to have her!) and I wish them many more years of gathering together to see her and each other..and I am so glad I was chosen to be there to capture it!

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 93 A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina South South Carolina a thousand words baby boutique children family grandchildren grandma greatgrand greenville little mom park party photographer photography portrait portraits reunion schoolhouse session sons toddler together upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/5/family-reunion Wed, 04 May 2016 23:18:19 GMT
Sneak Peek Blog: The McBrides https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/sneak-peek-blog-the-mcbrides This sweet family decided on a session the night before, and we pulled it together- to be one of my favorites. Not only are they a beautiful family, but they were so fun. I loved watching the boys explore the park and both were such little models. See for yourself! 

McBride FamilyThe adorable family taking a stroll near the falls. Brotherly LoveThese adorable bothers were so sweet and just loved to model for me!

Happy!A favorite from the session, the whole family on a rustic log by the water.

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville South South Carolina a thousand words baby boutique brother children dad easley family flowers fun greenville handsome kids little mom park photographer photography piedmont play portrait portraits session smile upstate water waterfall yeahTHATgreenville https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/sneak-peek-blog-the-mcbrides Sat, 23 Apr 2016 16:23:02 GMT
The Stroups https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/the-stroups I had the honor of photographing the most adorable expectant family; the Stroups. 

Not only is this family of three the cutest little family, but they are expecting a BOY, Levi any day now (If he hasn't already made his appearance by this post).

Until he makes his adorably grand appearance, I will let you just be in awe of this gorgeous family of three. 













athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes boutique brother children dad daughter due easley family field flowers fun greenville handsome kids little maternity mom newborn park photographer photography piedmont play portrait portraits session sister smile son toddler tree upstate vintage https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/the-stroups Fri, 22 Apr 2016 00:19:51 GMT
Finley Wedding: The First Look https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/finley-wedding-the-first-look Finely Wedding: The First Look

A Photographic Story

The Finley's; a beautiful Family with an adorable story. These two were high school sweethearts once upon a time, before life pulled them into different directions. Their story is dynamic and powerful and it is clear that they were meant to be. God brought them back together, just when they needed each other most. Their love story continues...

On April 2; They were married in a lovely, enchanting ceremony. My absolute favorite part, was the sweet private moment they took together for the "first look". A First look is a private moment shared between only the bride and groom, before the wedding. It is the first time he sees the gorgeous love of his life in her wedding dress. It is a moment full of emotion and overflowing with love. The excitement is palpable. I silently step back and let them be "IN" the moment, fully engulfed in one another. 

I love capturing these intimate moments, that I know they will cherish for the rest of their lives.  Join me as I share the beauty of this chapter in their story, through photographs.



In this moment Nate has yet to see her at all. His eyes were closed and back turned as she approached the tree, where he held out his hand for her to grab. You can see the emotion and excitement...



The excitement!!! As Helena rounds the tree, I could almost feel Nate's nervousness. We had to keep telling him to fight the urge to turn his head! 















I adore this moment. This is the exact moment he saw his future wife in her gorgeous wedding dress.. 


He immediately grabbed her and pulled her in, for a kiss. What a beautiful intimate moment...



These two are my absolute favorites. Powerful, protecting and full of emotion. 















I feel so honored to have captured this wedding. It was incredibly gorgeous and intimate and overflowing with love that will last decades. I cannot wait to watch this love story unfold. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP Berry Acres South Carolina a thousand words chapter dress family fate first love intimate lake love mom no peeking photographer photography pond portrait portraits reunited story strawberry farm sweethearts tux upstate wedding https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/4/finley-wedding-the-first-look Wed, 20 Apr 2016 04:00:00 GMT
The Barbour Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/3/the-barbour-family I just love the Barbours. What a sweet family, that loves each other so much!

As you can see, they might just be one of the cutest families. Ellie and Grant are just so stinking cute and love each other so much!I can't get enough of them!






athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words boutique brother children couple dad daughter family field flowers fun greenville handsome kids little mom park photographer photography pickens piedmont play portrait portraits session sister smile toddler upstate yeahTHATgreenville https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/3/the-barbour-family Tue, 15 Mar 2016 00:54:03 GMT
The Finley's https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/2/the-finleys It has been a while since I have posted a blog sneak...but I couldn't think of a cuter family to start back with.

Meet the Finley's (well, the soon to be Finley's since they'll be getting married this spring- but it's close enough)

Are they not just adorable? I can't wait to capture their wedding and many more memories in the future. 

You can just feel the love, and I know it will only grow in the years to come. I will leave you with a final does of sweetness before mother & daughter and father & daughter. 

go ahead and "oohhhh" and "aahhhh" all you'd like... I won't mind ;)

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words boutique children daughter easley family field getting married grass greenville hug little love mom moment park photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits session upstate woods https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2016/2/the-finleys Wed, 24 Feb 2016 13:00:00 GMT
Pegram Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/the-pegrams The Pegram Family:

The Pegram's are some of my favorite and most loyal clients. They are the sweetest family, with the cutest kids. I always enjoy spending time with them. Each kids has their own very different personality and it is so much fun to just watch them be themselves.

From the Diva daddy's girl Adelynn (above and middle, below), to the two boys Ethan and Caleb who are so very different. Ethan (Right, below) is the younger of the two boys but acts most like a grumpy old man. It seriously cracks me up to watch him. He has the old man face down pat! Caleb (left, below) is the oldest and the opposite... a charmer who loves the camera and acts silly to get as many laughs as possible. You can see these very real personalities coming out in the photo below. I love this one because it is just SO them! (Plus a very real look at a photo session with three kids under 4)

As much as their personalities and characteristics spill out in these photos, the one you will notice the most is LOVE. It is written all over every single image I take of this beautiful family. I cannot wait to capture more memories and spend more time with them!


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words autumn boutique brother children dad easley fall family fun greenville handsome kids little love mom park photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits rock quarry session sister smile trees upstate waterfall https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/the-pegrams Sat, 26 Sep 2015 01:20:54 GMT
Partrich Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/partrich-family The Partrich Family

This sweet family purchased their session as a gift for their mother's Birthday. 

I may be partial, but as a mom myself, I don't think there is a better gift than memories. So many items perish and fade but one thing that will always exist is the love we have for our family and our longing to hold on to the memories we have made with them. 

I love that I was able to be the one to give these photographic memories for them, and I feel honored to provide the gift that they put so much thought into for their mom. 


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina South South Carolina a thousand words boutique children columbia family gift happy birthday memories mom park photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits session https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/partrich-family Thu, 24 Sep 2015 01:36:38 GMT
A Year of Alessandra https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/a-year-of-alessandra A year of Alessandra: Watch her grow below

Maternity, Newborn, 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month and 1 Year.

I met little Miss Alessandra before she was even welcomed into the world. I was blessed to experience the excitement of anticipating her arrival into the world, the first moments of her precious life at her birth, her adjustment to the outside world as a fresh tiny newborn and just when you think the excitement might be over, she started to grow. New milestones were reached and her big blue eyes smiled as much as she did. She became a smiley 3 Month old who could proudly hold her head up, a quick crawling 6 month old who somehow smiled even more, an independent 9 month old who had to do everything her big brother did and now- as we celebrate her first year of life, and almost walking tot. Its hard not to be completely enamored with her Big blue eyes, curlicue hair and chubby cheeks... but once she smiles- forget about it!

I have really enjoyed capturing the entire family. Big brother Enzo has grown before my eyes, as well. He started school, came out of his shell and is definitely all boy. I cant count on him exploring and even finding me some great spots for setting up at locations.`He is an amazing big brother! It has been a huge privilege to not only watch Alessandra grow and Enzo become a big brother, but to capture some of the biggest moments in their lives and see the family dynamic change and grow. These are moments that you never get back but can cherish forever!


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 1 year 3 month 6 month 9 month A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Falls Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words autumn baby big brother birth blue eyes bonnet boutique bridge brother cake smash celebrate children crawl curls dad daddy daughter easley fall family farm field first year flowers fun greenville grow with me handsome infant kids little little sister maternity memory milestone mom mommy mommy and me newborn one year park pasture photographer photography pickens piedmont play portrait portraits powdersville prop session sister sit smile son spring studio summer toddler tree tummy upstate walk https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/9/a-year-of-alessandra Wed, 23 Sep 2015 04:45:12 GMT
Cole is 5! https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/8/cole-is-5 You may remember Cole from the big family session I did, this summer or his grandma who wanted some good family portraits before furthering her treatments in chemo. 

You know, the handsome blonde little guy, with the smile as big as he is.... well, he just turned FIVE! (nanna nanna boo boo!)

So we celebrated by having a session to remember it by. On Saturday, I went to their home and spent some time just capturing Cole being Cole. He jumped on his bed, loved on his teddy bear Max (whom was his dads, by the way!), played with his toys, loved on his sister and acted like his sweet goofy self. It was so much fun to just let him play and  document him being a 5 year old. 


I don't want to brag, but I was even serenaded at one point. You haven't lived until you have had a five year old play BOTH the drums and the guitar at the same time for you. Trust me on that one. 


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Columbia Max South South Carolina a day in the life a thousand words all boy bed big five boutique boy drums faces family favorites five greenville guitar in home jumping lifestyle milestone on-location photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits room session silly singing teddy https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/8/cole-is-5 Wed, 26 Aug 2015 03:57:47 GMT
Smith https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/8/smith I love (and I mean LOVE) maternity sessions. 

I mean look at that and tell me, what's not to love? Glowing mommy-to-be, proud daddy-to-be, excitement in the air, love for your partner like you've never felt before. Excitement is growing as the day gets closer to meet your little one.






















Planning his future, imagining how he will look and act. You want to document every moment, kick and heartbeat... every second possible.

This sweet mom has taken the unique and fun approach of using her beautiful voice to document the fun (and not so fun but FUNNY) side to pregnancy with parodies like "I'm Preggo". If you have a toddler or just not been living under a rock the past year or two, you'll recognize the tune (hint: think chilly princesses).. and if you have ever been pregnant or even known a pregnant lady, you'll realize just how accurate her words are. You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05LjEXiP914 (or at the bottom of the blog).

I wish them all the amazing joys that come with their new love, and hope for many more amazing parodies, maybe soon showing life as a new parent. 


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Greenville South Carolina a thousand words baby belly boutique boy bridge bump couple easley family farm flowers greenville kiss little love maternity mill mom park parody photographer photography picnic piedmont portrait portraits quilt reflect romantic session tree upstate waterwheel https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/8/smith Fri, 14 Aug 2015 00:32:28 GMT
Butler https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/butler Destiny and Evan: These two have to not only be one of the cutest couple, but probably my favorite session ever! You just cannot go wrong with a gorgeous couple, a sunflower field, a long flowing dress and bow-tie/suspenders combo. Add in an adorable story to boot..and well, cuteness overload. 






















Destiny and Evan met when they were both in the military in Afghanistan. Apparently, whenever there was a problem with equipment, Evan would have to visit Destiny (it was protocol). The thing is, Evan had a lot of "equipment issues", which warranted having to visit her A LOT. There is even the story of the time he may or may not have left his hat behind on purpose, causing her to have to hunt him down to return it. His persistence paid off, and the rest as they say, is history. Now with one little boy and girl each already, they are welcoming their little miracle Callaway this summer. I for one, cannot wait to meet him!!


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby boutique bow-tie brother bun in the oven children dad daddy to be dream easley elegant family farm field flowers gown greenville handsome horse little maternity mom mommy to be park pasture photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits pregnancy session smile son southern southern charm sunflower sunset suspenders upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/butler Sat, 18 Jul 2015 05:04:56 GMT
Marli & Kingston https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/marli-kingston Meet Kingston (Left) and Marli (right)

Beautiful pair of twin brother and sisters that I was honored to have visit me in my studio on Friday. They were my first set of twins to photograph, and I think they may have spoiled me. I seriously could not have asked for a better session. They slept so well and allowed me to get every set I wanted and then some. I just couldn't get enough of these two previous babies. 

Miss Marli is the smaller of the two and is so petite and gentle. She has the softest, small features and just loved to folder into her little brother, every time we put them together. Mr. Kingston was the spitting image of his dad and even at just weeks old, is already the obvious protector of the two. He just let his sister nuzzle right in and let her feel safe. Her future boyfriends are going to have trouble when she is older...I just loved watching them interact with one another already. Even if their sleep they interacted and reacting with one another, so gentle and happy to be with each other. It was truly the sweetest thing to witness.













This is such a beautiful and sweet family. I absolutely loved having them in my studio and am looking forward to many more sessions to come. Are you in love with these two adorable siblings yet? I know I am!





athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby boutique brother children dad daughter details easley family first flowers fun glasses gorgeous greenville grow with me handsome kids little love mom mommy newborn park photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits prop session sister smile snuggle son studio tree twins upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/marli-kingston Wed, 15 Jul 2015 02:21:59 GMT
Alessndra: 9M Milestone https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/alessndra-9m-milestone Sweet, beautiful Alessandra is 9 months old!

She is growing so much, I almost can't stand it! She now crawls, cruises (she will be walking very soon) and has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. We couldn't get this adorable girl to sit still, she is so ready to move and explore the world!

Her brother and her are just the sweetest to watch together. He loves her so much and you can tell she looks up to him, trying to copy everything he does and play with every toy he has- trying to be just like him! They both have the most beautiful clear blue eyes and those infamous Alessandra curls that I have loved since she was born. 

Every milestone that I get to share with Alessandra and her family feels surreal. It is so hard for me to believe that it has been over nine months since I was given the honor of documenting her debut into the world. The next session will be her last with this package and the biggest since her birth: her one year session. I simply cannot wait to see how much she has learned and grown and watch her tear into her first cake- and see her reaction. 

Capturing these milestones is a true honor and I enjoy watching my little clients grow right before my lens. This one has been a double blessing, as I have been given the joy watching Enzo grow and become an amazing big brother with the biggest heart for his little sister. It has truly been the sweetest thing to witness. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 9 month A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes boutique brother children crawl curls daughter easley family first year fun greenville grow with me handsome kids little milestone mom photographer photography piedmont play portrait portraits session sister smile studio toddler upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/alessndra-9m-milestone Tue, 14 Jul 2015 20:45:48 GMT
Jones Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/jones-family Such an adorable session with sweet Miss Charlotte, her mom and dad and both sets of grandparents. A Beautiful and loving family; they are all about their little sweet heart of the family. 

Charlotte and her parents are only home for the summer and wanted to get some good family portraits while they were here visiting home. The adorable little family of three usually spend their time in Malaysia where they teach in a school..so I am sure you can imagine how happy her grandparents were to have their sweet little grandbaby in their arms again.


Isn't she just beautiful? She sweetest little smile and personality. The little guy she is holding is called Lamb-chop and it is obviously her best bud. She loves him so much (even more than the puffs she enjoyed during the session) and she held onto him pretty much the entire time. 




athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina South South Carolina UNC a thousand words asheville baby bonnet botanical garden boutique bridge children creek family flowers garden grandchild grandma grandpa grandparents greenville lamb little mom north Carolina park photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits session suitcase western carolinas https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/jones-family Sun, 05 Jul 2015 18:11:00 GMT
Happy Birthday, Clarkson https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/happy-birthday-clarkson This past weekend I got to celebrate a big moment with Clarkson, his FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Clarkson is a sweet Grow With Me Package client and I have enjoyed watching him grow over the last year. I honestly cannot believe it has been a year already... and I am sure his parents feel the same way. He is really grown. From a tiny perfect bundle to a squealing, giggly walker. It is an amazing honor to get to document these milestones. 

This session was the most fun yet. He has turned into a busy little boy and walks everywhere. There is no keeping this little man still anymore... well, unless you have cake. Cake works.

Watching him enjoy his first taste of cake had us all seriously cracking up. He was literally "noming". You can kind of get the idea of how serious the cake situation was in the photo. Elmo didn't stand a chance.

I really have loved being a part of his first year of life and providing his family with memories of this precious time of their lives. I hope I get to enjoy many more opportunities like this in the future.

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 3 months 6 months 9 months A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Elmo Greenville One Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby balloons birthday boutique cake cake smash celebrate children colors easley eat family first birthday greenville grow with me little milestone newborn nom one year photographer photography pickens piedmont polka dot portrait portraits session upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/7/happy-birthday-clarkson Thu, 02 Jul 2015 03:04:22 GMT
Arroyo Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/arroyo-family This past weekend I was given the opportunity of traveling to Columbia to photograph the gorgeous Arroyo family. A beautiful blended family, their story is nothing short of a show of fate. Manny (dad) is Puerto Rican, and Rachel (mom) a native of Mississippi. Rachel has two beautiful daughters Leighla, 11 and Taylor, 8. She and Manny also have a handsome little ten month old, Antonio.

Rachel, a social worker for more than 12 years, met Manny when he was still in the military and it was love at first sight. They have since married, moved from North Carolina and built their loving home as a family of five in the Columbia area where Rachel now stays home as the primary caregiver.

Leighla the oldest, is the lover of the kids. Her mom described her as smart and sweet, a social butterfly always ready for a cuddle. She enjoys reading and playing her viola. As I spent time with her, I began to notice she the quieter of the two girls and always kept a smile on her face, loved to help out and adores her siblings. Miss Taylor is the sassy one, or fireball as her mom describes her. She was seriously cracking me up with her diva poses at the session. She is smart and witty and loved to pose (check out her AMAZING eyes!!). Her silly attitude had serious little Antonio cracking up. This sweet little guy is the observer of the three. It took him a few minutes to warm up to me, but once he did he had the cutest little smile. It took everything I had not to pinch his adorable cheeks!

I just cannot get over how beautiful this family is..like a postcard family! 

I truly enjoyed getting to know them and cracking up over the girls acting silly. I had so much fun at the pond with them. I hope I am blessed to capture more memories of their family in the future. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Piedmont Puerto Rico South South Carolina a thousand words baby blended family boutique boutique photography brother children columbia columbia, South Carolina curls dad daddy daughter diva family fun greenville handsome kids lake little low country married memory mississippi mom mommy north carolina park photographer photography piedmont play portrait portraits prop sassy session sister smile son summer toddler tree upstate water https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/arroyo-family Tue, 30 Jun 2015 01:11:53 GMT
Baby Isaiah https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/baby-isaiah Meet sweet Brand new Isaiah. Only 19 days young when I got to meet him for his first professional set of portraits. 

He was born on June 5, 2015 at 4:59AM, and weighed 7.2 pounds, when he made his debut. This sweet little guy is a big fighter already. Just a two days after he was born, he experienced some complications. He began to lose his appetite, glucose levels dropped, began to experience hypothermia and dropped nearly a pound in just couple of days. He had to be admitted back into the hospital for observation. His parents held onto their faith and trusted God to protect their little miracle. They trusted he would be healed.

 His mom drew strength from the verse which his name was based upon; Isaiah 41:10 "Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand"  God provides many promises, and sweet Isaiah holding the pendant with the verse on it,  is a powerful image of one of those promises and the proof that they are real. I am honored to have met handsome Isaiah, and be reminded of God's never ending mercies...and now to share that reminder with you. 

Who would have known a lowly little photographer could be blessed so by a tiny little newborn?

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Bible Carolina God Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby bed blessing boots boutique boutique photography cowboy easley family greenville hat healed healing inspiration miracle mom newborn photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits promise session upstate verse https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/baby-isaiah Mon, 29 Jun 2015 02:51:20 GMT
The Barbour Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/the-barbour-family Meet the Barbour Family

A sweet family of four whom recently moved to the area last fall and gave me the pleasure of capturing beautiful family portraits at the park. 

Precious little Grant was the epitome of a 2 year old boy, even though he looked like a little man with his adorable suspenders and bow-tie (which, like with any 2 year old slowly disappeared by the end of the session). He not only enjoyed exploring the park and running around but he just loved to be silly for everyone. Dancing, playing peek-a-boo and making us all laugh at him. So sweet and full of life, he was so much fun. 

Meanwhile, his older sister Elizabeth, who is obviously daddy's princess was the model of the two. Where Grant tried to avoid the camera being silly, Elizabeth posed like she has modeled for years. Her sweet smile and charm were captivating. She loved the camera and it loved her. As you can see, she's a pro at this! 

I had so much fun at the park with this family, watching them play and interact with one another...listening to bluegrass music, which is apparently a favorite of Grants (how cute is that??).  I will never get tired of capturing sweet memories for amazing families. Every new client, every new session just makes me fall deeper in love with this passion of mine... I mean how amazing is it that I get to meet new people, watch kids be silly, and capture priceless memories for them? (completely amazing... is the answer)

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Carolina" Children Falls Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby boy boutique brother cedar falls park children dad daddy daughter family father's day field fountain inn fun greenville handsome kids little mom mommy park photographer photography play portrait portraits session simpsonville sister smile son summer toddler tree upstate water https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/the-barbour-family Tue, 23 Jun 2015 00:27:25 GMT
Camp-out https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/camp-out This past weekend, I was given the opportunity of traveling down to Charlotte to photograph two simply adorable kids for a gift for their dad this Father's Day. We decided on a summer camp out by the lake as the theme, at Lake Wylie. It was midday so it was nice and toasty (ha!) but the lake was he perfect set up for this session!

These two are not only some of the cutest kids you've seen, but so polite and well behaved. They have modeling in their genes. I barely had to tell them what to do at all! I just captured their natural beauty and interaction with each other. They didn't even complain about having to model in 95 degree weather. To be fair, we did let them play in the water towards the end of the session- which was nice and refreshing. 

I hope their dad loves the present he receives and I hope they all have a wonderful day celebrating dad this Sunday!

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Charlotte Lake Wylie South Carolina a thousand words boutique bridge camp camp-out dad daddy family father's day gift lake photographer photography portrait portraits session suitcase summer https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/camp-out Wed, 17 Jun 2015 03:19:45 GMT
Sweet Maggie https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/sweet-maggie Meet Maggie.

A beautiful old soul, with eyes full of concern for others and a heart as big as she is. The grey around her muzzle, a telltale of her age. Her slow walk and labored breath are harsh reminders that time has taken its toll on her body. While there are obvious signs of her thirteen years of life showing on her, what you can't see easily are the thirteen years of love she has received and given back. You can't tell by looking at her that she has helped raise and play with 2 children, 4 grandchildren and been a jungle gym, shoulder to cry on, family protector and best friend. You can't count the monsters she has scared away,  the hugs she has received, or even the slobbery kisses she has given. Those treasures are stored in her heart and in the hearts of the ones she has shared these precious moments with. They don't need to show on her body, because if you look closely you can catch a glimpse in her eyes, when she looks at her family or in the quick flicker of her tail when she sees a child. More importantly, you can feel it.  

Maggie has spent thirteen years being more than mans best friend. She has been family. Thirteen years will never seem like long enough for those saying goodbye to her, but she has given and received more love in those years than many have the privilege of experiencing in a human lifetime...and even in those final moments tomorrow, when she gently and quietly falls asleep and rests for the last time she will be surrounded by that overpowering love and commitment that she has always known and shown. Her heart will be full and so will her family.

Good Girl, Maggie.




athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby best friend boutique brother bye dog easley family good girl goodbye greenville lab mans best friend mom pet photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits puppy rest session sister thirteen upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/sweet-maggie Fri, 12 Jun 2015 01:27:09 GMT
The Neeley's https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/the-neeleys A very sweet lady named Beverly contact me last week about getting some family portraits done. She was hoping to get them done quickly, within the next week. I am often asked to do portrait sessions last minute, so I didn't think much of the timeline. I always try to accommodate clients, but the more I spoke to her, I realized that I had to do everything possible to make this session happen. She explained to me that she was fighting cancer and wanted some amazing memories with her children and grandchildren before losing her hair or experiencing more effects from the treatments.  We spoke for a little while about how much photographs meant to her..how her walls are covered in pictures. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel when I meet someone who appreciates photographic memories- whether they are my clients are not. Someone who understands the importance of a fleeting moment. To have a split second of that person and who they really are or were captured in time... it overwhelms me. It is a moment you will never get back, but will never lose because it will always be there in your hand, on your wall or in the album. 


It took some detective work to find a place fitting of such an amazing family. One place was closed from storm damage, a couple more wouldn't work for the time of day, and since it was out of town- I was working with a city I was not familiar with. The work paid off, though and we found a beautiful setting worthy of this beautiful family. A family so full of love and respect for one another that it spills out in every photograph I took.  I enjoyed watching them interact, laugh, and enjoy one another's company. One of my favorite things about family photography is watching the dynamic in each family. Spending a couple of hours with a family, you feel like you get to know them a lot. After all, you are there to document them being who they are, you are not altering them, or presenting a false version of them.. you are watching them be who they are and presenting that memory to them just as it was. It became clear how full of love and respect they held for the matriarch of their family. 

Of course, the stars of the show were the two little ones. Sweetest little innocent smiles and beautiful personalities.  Little Avery was giddy with excitement the moment she saw her grandma and spent the entire session so content and happy. Her big brother was a ham... making silly faces and running around the park. Both of them so well behaved and beautiful/handsome as could be. 

 I had a couple of hours on the drive home to think about this sweet family and what lies ahead for them. Remembering my own mother who battled cancer and how that uncertain and scary some moments are. Thankful that my mother won her battle with cancer and optimistic for Beverly and her family during this time as well. It sincerely reminded me of the importance of making sure I have memories of my own family, all generations of it. It is a bit of a joke when you are a photographer, that you spend so much time behind the camera, that you are never in front of it. Sadly, though- it is true. Every moment is a gift, and no moment is promised. Memories fade from us over time... it is important to document who we are and the love we hold for those in our lives while we can.

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto South Carolina a thousand words baby boutique brother cancer children columbia columbia, South Carolina family flowers gazebo lake low country memory mom park photographer photography portrait portraits saluda shoals session sister https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/6/the-neeleys Tue, 09 Jun 2015 01:44:33 GMT
Boothe Wedding https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/5/boothe-wedding I was given the honor of photographing this sweet couples wedding last week, and my was is gorgeous! I consider it an honor to witness and capture the first moments of marriage between two people who love each other dearly. Their first kiss, and the announcement of the new husband and wife- captured below, in my opinion, are the happiest moments one can capture in photos. It is truly a blessing to provide timeless memories of these quickly fleeting moments. 












Rustic style with coral and turquoise; it took place in front of the couples beautiful barn, which served as an amazing setting. simple and rustic yet elegant and bright. I adored both the setting and theme of the wedding. It fit this sweet couple perfectly. The bridesmaids and groomsmen weren't too shabby either :)

I truly wish them all the best and a long and happy marriage. I know they will continue to love and honor one another for the rest of their lives.



athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Piedmont South Carolina a thousand words barn boutique bride bridesmaid ceremony coral easley family first kiss flowers greenville groom groomsmen i do kiss married mr. mr. and mrs. mrs. photographer photography pickens piedmont portraits six mile turquoise upstate wedding https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/5/boothe-wedding Wed, 13 May 2015 01:08:50 GMT
Alessandra 6 Months https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/alessandra-6-months Sweet Alessandra is growing like a weed (or maybe like a watermelon?) I have enjoyed the blessing of watching this sweet little one grow, capturing her memories even before she was born. She has the sweetest blue eyes and cutest little curls. It is hard to believe she is already 6 months old 

One of the pleasures of watching her grow is also watching her brother Enzo grow and become such a good big brother. He loves to hug on her, and kiss her. It is the sweetest thing to watch them interact and how much he loves her.

It won't be long before she is running around with her big brother, climbing by the stream with him to look at ducks and exploring too. I'm sure Enzo can't wait to have a buddy to run around with. I can't wait to watch her grow and see all the things he teaches her (because that't what big brother do).


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 6months A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Conastee Falls Greenville Mauldin Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes boutique bridge brother children curls dad daughter easley family field first year flowers fun greenville grow grow with me hair handsome infant kids little memory milestone mom mommy mommy and me park photographer photography pickens piedmont play portrait portraits powdersville session sister smile son spring toddler upstate water https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/alessandra-6-months Thu, 30 Apr 2015 01:35:32 GMT
Baby Kingston https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/baby-kingston Every family I work with is special to me. Every newborn that I get to celebrate a new life with, is an amazing experience. But sweet Kingston will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

When I was contacted by one of this moms to discuss a newborn session, I was asked if we could hold the session soon. His mom started to explain that he was already 2 weeks old and she knew that newborn sessions typically ran "the younger the better", but circumstance had delayed their ability to have them sooner. She began to explain to me that they are foster parents and open their home to children in need. They often have kids coming in for a time, then leaving to either return home, or go to a new one. Kingston is a bit different, though. Sweet little Kingston was born in need of a forever home and these beautiful women were contacted about him.



Without skipping a beat, they accepted and knew they were to  be his parents. They opened their homes and their hearts to this tiny new life that needed both. Even among trials they've faced recently, (a severe accident causing extreme injury and several surgeries) they continue to give towards the needs of little lives. They had to wait until Kingston was officially theirs to book the session, and happily- they were finally ready!


This story was so close to my heart, because it reminds me so much of my own little love. Four years ago in October, we received a similar call about a sweet little girl. It took me back to that moment of my heart stopping and hope being renewed in my life of finally becoming a mom. I remember the uncertainty for a period, followed by the celebration when she was officially 'our little girl'. I feel truly blessed and honored to be welcomed into this extraordinary moment in this families life...to offer memories of this time when a tiny, brand new life became complete and was given the gift of unconditional love and a family to cherish him forever. It almost bring tears to my eyes, because I know that feeling in his parents hearts, where he has changed their lives, completed their hearts, while trying to do so for him. 

I am one blessed photographer. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Kingston Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words adoption baby baby boy basket bonnet boutique bright brother celebrate children colorful easley family greenville hair handsome infant kids lips little mom newborn newborn photography photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits powdersville prop rustic session sister spring studio teddybear upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/baby-kingston Wed, 29 Apr 2015 01:48:39 GMT
Jordan https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/welcher Handsome Jordan was such a sweetie. He loved watching the lamb and chickens roam the farm (although he wasn't a fan of petting them). He could've stood there any watched them all day. He even brought his own treats to feed them, which I thought was the sweetest thing. The animals thought it was pretty awesome, too!

He was so well behaved and I could tell he loves his mom so much, and was loving in her as we took our first set of photos. Aren't they just the cutest mother and son?

What a handsome little guy with his dark curly hair and big brown eyes. I just love this photo of him, you can tell he is a deep thinker and likes to observe everything. 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Carolina Children Greenville Piedmont South South Carolina a thousand words baby barn bonding boutique children curls dacusville easley family farm fence field flowers fun greenville handsome kids lamb limited edition little mini mom mommy mommy and me park pasture photographer photography pickens piedmont play portrait portraits powdersville powdersville, diva, memory, prop, smile, dacusville, kids, barn, tree, little, toddler, play, fun, Children, Greenville, Carolina, South session smile son spring toddler tractor tree upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/welcher Sun, 19 Apr 2015 01:39:51 GMT
Berkley & Adelyne https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/booth This was my first time getting to meet these sweet sisters even though I went to high school with their momma. What a blessing they were! Dressed to match in such adorable little outfits and with such BIG personalities, it is impossible to look at these two without a smile. They both were so fascinated with Shrek and Berkley had a blast petting and feeding him. She was completely enamored with him. Baby Adelyne wasn't quite as sure at first but just had a ball watching her big sister play with him

...actually I don't think there is much that little Adelyne didn't have a ball doing: sitting on a suitcase, standing in the grass, watching Shrek run around, being with her sister, etc...this cutie-pie smiled and giggled through it all. She just enjoyed the fun. It was so fun watching her be her sweet smiley self. seriously, don't you want to pinch those cheeks?

Berkley is your typical 4 year old, full of sass and wonder and is so much fun. She wasn't afraid of Shrek in the least...ready to pet him the moment her feet hit the ground. Ready to explore the farm and learn...and totally into the farm owners little boy. She humored me for pictures and did so well, but she had more fun letting him show her around and be a little gentleman to her. It was seriously she cutest thing ever... He even showed her around his barn and let her climb the roost loft where they sat and talked. 

I had so much fun with these two, and I hope I get to do photos with them again sometime soon! 

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) powdersville, diva, memory, prop, smile, dacusville, kids, barn, tree, little, toddler, play, fun, Children, daughter, home, Greenville, Carolina, South A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Piedmont South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes boutique children easley farm fence field flowers greenville lamb limited edition mini park pasture photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits session sister spring tractor upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/booth Sat, 18 Apr 2015 03:29:03 GMT
Spring Minis: Izzy, Alex & Sal https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/spring-minis-palanza These three are some of my favorite clients. I truly enjoy seeing them and getting the opportunity to capture memories for their lovely momma. They are the sweetest siblings, and always dressed to the nines. How adorable are their seersucker outfits, couldn't you just eat these guys up?


The girls were so gentle and sweet with the lamb. It can be nerve wracking anytime you introduce small children to different animals but I was so proud of how well they adjusted to little Shrek (the lamb). Izzy even got to feed him for a moment. They were not afraid at all and he was very comfortable around them. It's like he knew they were gentle young ladies. It was the sweetest thing watching them all interact.


Sal, the explorer was not so interested in the lamb as he was wondering around the farm. He's so cute and funny..but to be just getting steady on his feet- he is FAST! He can really give you a workout, but I love it. I love the opportunity to catch candid moments and Sal is the perfect little guy for those moments. He was in L-O-V-E with the tractor on the farm. I think I see a farmer in the future...or at least an all boy tractor mini session :) How cute is he? I mean, really....

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Piedmont South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes boutique brother children easley family farm fence field flowers greenville lamb mini park pasture photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits seersucker session sister spring studio tractor upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/spring-minis-palanza Fri, 17 Apr 2015 03:11:55 GMT
Clarkson 9 months https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/clarkson-9-months It is always a joy to see my milestone clients grow each time I get to photograph them. Clarkson just gets more and more handsome every time I get to see him. He even had the more adorable little man outfit from Easter...suspenders and all!


His personality grows just as much he does and he is such a happy boy! The entire session, he just squealed and giggled...well, when he wasn't finding yummy snacks like flowers and sticks to try to snack on.


He's learning so much, and it was so sweet to watch him standing. It won't be long before the little guy takes off, I may just be chasing him around at his one year session! I can't wait to see how much he grows and everything he learns by next time. In the meantime, enjoy his nine months memories and that sweet smile!

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/clarkson-9-months Wed, 15 Apr 2015 00:18:28 GMT
Once upon a time https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/once-upon-a-time In a land far far away, lived two little girls that wore capes so red, they were known as the Crimson Sisters. They lived near a forest so deep that not even the most brave dare enter.


Legends were told of innocent children, whom entered the forest to never be seen again. It was told that an angry wolf lived amongst the thickets and fed on children who were foolish enough to enter.

Even when the girls must visit their grandmother whom lived in the village on the other side of the forest, they traveled miles out of their way to avoid the dark thick forest. No matter the situation, they were to NEVER enter the forest, their mother warned...and they always obeyed their mothers wishes.

One morning the family received news that their grandmother had fallen extremely ill. The sisters were instructed to leave out as soon as possible, follow the trail that runs around the forest and carry their grandmother some food and medicine. The Crimson sisters packed their basket with bread, and fruit and grabbed their lanterns, as dawn was just breaking over the horizon. Very carefully, they followed the trail that ran alongside the forest, careful to not step one toe within the edge of the trees. Every snapping twig, every strange animal call sent shivers down their spine.

They were nearly halfway to their grandmothers, when they heard a noise. A soft, sad cry. The cry that only a small child makes... coming from deep within the forest. Their first instinct was to ignore it. All kids knew to avoid the forest, surely one had not entered. Maybe their ears were playing tricks on them. Just to be sure, they inched closer to the trees that bordered the edge, leaning their heads just into the shadows to get a better listen. The cry became louder, "A baby!" the younger sister whispered. "How can we leave a tiny baby to be eaten by the wolf?" the older sister said in response. Clinging tightly to their lanters, they agreed to enter the forest carefully. They knew they should stay close together and find the child as quickly as possible.

Together they headed into the direction of the cry. Slowly and quietly, they hoped to not be seen or heard. Fear was as thick in the air as the morning dew. They deeper they traveled into the woods, the further away the cry seemed. It was never within reach. Finally the sisters, sure that the child could not be found decided to head back towards the trail...but which direction was that?

As they began searching for familiar signs to lead them back, they heard a twig snap close by. Turning quickly, they saw him. Stalking them, pacing back and forth, licking his razor sharp teeth. Then he let out a noise, one that sounded just like a babies cry, followed by a low angry growl. The girls had been tricked! Dropping their basket and lantern they ran as fast as they could. Unsure of where they were going. Running for their lives. Running on sheer terror. They ran so long and so hard that they could no longer run. Night had fallen and they were still deep within the forest.

Finding a hollow tree, they hid within the shadows of the trunk. The strong oak protected them through the night. The wolf completely unaware. Once the sun began to break through the trees, the girls began to run again. Fear motivating them, they finally reached the forests edge. They could see their grandmothers house, safety. The only children to EVER survive the forbidden forest.

*adapted from the original story "the Little Red Riding Hood" by the Brothers Grimm

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany Piedmont South Carolina a thousand words art boutique cape children collaboration dreamy easley flowers forest greenville high fashion limited edition little red riding hood magic park photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits session storybook storybook series upstate wolf https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/once-upon-a-time Sun, 12 Apr 2015 01:43:34 GMT
Rhonda-Breastfeeding Session https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/rhonda-breastfeeding-session There is something so special about the bond that is shared between a mother and child. An unbreakable bond that starts at pregnancy and grows stronger everyday. One of the sweetest moments of bonding shared between a mother and child is that of breastfeeding. More than just a source of sustenance and immunity strengthening, it is a moment in time that stands still. When life is less chaotic, a growing , learning and almost non stop baby or toddler just rests and both are present in that moment. Eye contact is held, you study each others faces and caress each others skin. It is a moment designed by God for only mothers. It is a precious gift.  


...one that can be heartbreaking if forced to end before you're both ready.

When Rhonda contacted me about the session, there was a sense of urgency in her request. She request a quick booking date and stated "I don't know how much longer she will be breastfeeding and would like to get the memories while I can". Later I discovered that it was because she could be losing the ability soon due to a procedure. A previous doctors visit revealed some cause for concern, a few lumps were discovered and as a result she would need a biopsy. The biopsy could negatively effect her ability to breastfeed. Sadly, her days of spending the precious bonding moments with her daughter were hanging in the balance. She wanted to capture the love shared during this precious time before it was potentially too late.













This amazingly strong women came to her session after having her breast cut open to remove the spots for biopsy. The very same day! Without one word of complaint, she allowed me to capture an amazing moment she shared with her little one. No one would have believed she was sore and bruised or had just undergone a procedure. I was amazed with the bond and love I was able to capture. A beautiful location, two beautiful clients and an amazing moment. It was purely magical.


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Piedmont South Carolina a thousand words baby blue eyes bonding boots boutique breastfeeding butterfly children curls dirt road easley family field fireflies fireplace flowers gown greenville grenville magic mom mommy and me mother daughter park photographer photography pickens piedmont portrait portraits powdersville ruins session teddybear upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/4/rhonda-breastfeeding-session Mon, 06 Apr 2015 01:03:17 GMT
Newborn Mentor Session: Noah https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/newborn-mentor-session-noah Sweet Noah was our model for phase two of mentoring. This time Tiffany from Over the Moon Photography was given the opportunity to be more hands on with the session. I helped with new poses and served as a spotter/assistant and was there when needed but this was her chance to test her knowledge from the last session and she spread her wings a little bit. This also gave her the chance to work with anadorable baby boy and one much younger in age. Sweet Noah who was just shy of a week.

Noah was more alert than most little ones his age, but offered a great learning opportunity and gave us more chances to snuggle and love on him. No complaints here! As you can see here, he loved looking around and trying to see things with his fresh still growing eyes. I am sure when we came in for close up shots, he wondered what craziness was going on.. He gave is some of the funniest stink eyes while wrapping and putting hats/bonnets on him. I can tell you now, the little guy is going to have a HUGE personality. He got his revenge though, peeing on me twice and pooping every chance he got! He wanted us to know his personal stance on the subject of newborn photography! Luckily a little baby pee doesn't scare me! If so... I wouldn't be in the business (no pun intended) and his full belly mixed with the warm room (and a few other soothing tricks we keep up our sleeves) made for a sleepy baby.






















I just loved his tiny little sandy blond cowlick and chubby cheeks. This, my friends is what a ladies man looks like..

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP ATWPhoto Noah Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany South Carolina a thousand words baby baby boy basket blue eyes bonnet boutique collaboration drums easley eyes open family greenville handsome mentor newborn newborn photography photographer photography piedmont portrait portraits studio umbilical cord upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/newborn-mentor-session-noah Tue, 17 Mar 2015 03:04:36 GMT
Newborn mentor session: Aryanna https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/newborn-mentor-session-aryanna I have been very blessed to be given the opportunity of mentoring a fellow photographer in the amazing world of newborn photography. Tiffany Moon is owner of Over the Moon Photography and is an AMAZING local photographer that has been running her photography business for a little over a year. Even though she is familiar with most realms of the photography world, she has recently just become more intrigued with the very detailed aspect of newborn photography. She approached me about mentoring... I was not actively looking to mentor at the time, but since I not only love her, but also love newborn photography- I jumped at the chance!






















Sweet Aryanna was our first little model. Brought by Over the Moon. Sweet little chunky cheeked princess at roughly 10 pounds and 3 weeks old. What a dream model she turned out to be. Newborns older than 10 days can be more alert, and difficult to get into those sleeping, squishy poses but we welcomed the challenge.... well no challenge here! Once her belly got full, she was ready for the action and slept like a dream through every wrap, bucket, tie back. I could not get enough of this sweet girl. Even in between poses, she gave us some beautiful natural shots. Can you believe the amazing head full of light hair she has? what a doll...be still my heart!

I had an amazing time working with tiffany and getting to know the family (funny story: it was actually discovered that I used to go to church with Aryanna's mom, Rebecca and her family when we were very young!). I think we've hooked another photographer into the world of newborn portraits and hooked me into the amazing experience of mentoring. Building relationships in the industry (well, actually becoming close friends) and teeny tiny newborns...what's not to fall in love with??

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words Photography A Thousand Words SC ATWP Aryanna Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany baby collaboration easley family greenville mentor newborn photography piedmont portraits studio https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/newborn-mentor-session-aryanna Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:35:00 GMT
February Hero - Cindy Gibson https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/february-hero---cindy-gibson  

It doesn't take long after meeting Cindy to realize why so many people love her. Amazing personality, great attitude and you feel like you've known her all your life. Sometimes you just meet someone that you feel completely comfortable with instantly and Cindy is that person. She puts you at ease immediately with her warm smile and friendliness.

Her story:

A teacher in the upstate for over 29 years, Cindy has been an inspiration in the lives of so many. In fact, it was one of her past students that nominated her to be a local hero. She has dedicated her life to educating and molding young minds; and it is time she is blessed in return for her blessings. Unfortunately, Cindy is no longer able to pursue her passion of teaching due to a life changing event a little over a year ago.

On January 12, 2014 Cindy started to feel "off". Thinking that she just needed some rest, she attempted to lie down...shortly after, she told her daughter something was wrong. Her husband quickly rushed her to the hospital, where doctors revealed she was suffering from a massive stroke. Her husband was told that news was grim and he should make plans for family to start making their visits and say their final goodbyes. You see, statistics show that only 1% of people survive the type of stroke Cindy suffered.

With a strong will to survive, she hung onto life- even if just barely. She spent 2 long and fragile weeks in ICU and underwent two brain surgeries. Doctors told her and her family that even after defying the odds of survival, she would probably never walk or talk again. Most people would give up by now; content with a life of surviving- not thriving. Cindy is different though and anyone who knows her will probably agree...she won't let a circumstance define her. After three months in the hospital, each day filled with multiple trips to multiple therapies daily (speech, physical, occupational and recreational) she was finally released on March 13, 2014.

Still bound to a wheelchair, she continued attending therapy in home for 12 weeks, followed by outpatient twice a week for 7 more months. Over time she grew stronger and began walking and talking clearly on her own. On November 20, 2014 she graduated from outpatient therapy.












There is no denying that this amazing woman played the leading role in a miracle. "A walking, talking miracle", her husband calls her, a result of sheer determination and divine intervention. Meeting her, I was in awe of her abilities and amazing outlook on life. I enjoyed walking the beautiful park, just talking to her and getting to know more about her. This woman has dedicated her entire life to changing others lives, and after just a couple of hours of meeting her, she's changed mine. I am blessed, as I am sure you all feel as well- to know her.




athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) A Thousand Words SC ATWP South Carolina boutique furman greenville hero mom photography piedmont portraits upstate https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/3/february-hero---cindy-gibson Fri, 13 Mar 2015 01:49:49 GMT
Adelynn is ONE https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/2/adelynn-is-one Adelynn is turning ONE!

I have had the blessing of photographing several sessions of sweet Adelynn. When I was given the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with a cake smash I knew just what a little diva like her needed.... so I planned a gold and pink cake smash. perfect for mini diva.

She just was not sure at all about the icing. At first she hated how it felt on her hands, but soon realized that it tasted yummy...it wasn't so bad after that. Licking her lips and digging in...

She is always such a hoot to photograph...not because she acts wild and crazy...in fact, the opposite. She is always quiet, mild mannered and a full on diva. We have such a good time watching a small child school us on how to act like a queen. She makes the cutest faces. The best part? The only person she would smile for was my husband... total flirt. but take note future Adelynn admirers... you must up your game for this diva.

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) ATWP ATWPhoto Gold baby birthday cake cake smash diva easley first birthday greenville icing milestone one photographer photography piedmont pink portraits studio https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/2/adelynn-is-one Fri, 06 Feb 2015 21:11:11 GMT
Januray Hero - I Am Beautiful Project https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/2/januray-hero This year I have started my new project aimed at bringing attention to the hero's of our community; titled The Local Hero Project. These hero's are life vein of our community; often overlooked (which most actually prefer, to stay out of the limelight); their projects, outreaching and amazing actions given many a voice, a will to fight and a purpose to keep going. The goal of this project is to not only bring attention to their cause and encourage support; but to celebrate them, to say thank you, and show them how beautiful they are- inside and out.

My first month is focused on a project so dynamic and revolutionary that I had to pick not one, but TWO heros to represent it.



Meet Tiffany....

A local photographer and owner at Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany, with passion for the following: God, Family, Photography, and others. Tiffany has found a brilliant way to use her passions and experiences in life in such a beautiful and positive way. A beautiful and vibrant woman with a killer personality, it is hard to imagine she's ever experienced anything close to bullying. Unfortunately in her youth, she was the target of others hatefulness like too many kids. One can choose to let moments, or others define who you are...or be who you are despite these moments. Tiffany did not let them set her worth, but instead rose up to the challenge of defining herself and finding the joy in life; as a mother, wife, woman of God and last year, when she picked up her first camera [that was loaned to her by a friend] - as a photographer. She found a new way to express herself and eventually help others to do the same through her talent.

This year, she unveiled The I Am Beautiful Project. Aimed at encouraging our community to stand up to bullying, and giving those who have fallen victim their voice through self confidence- by donating beautiful portrait sessions to one ambassador a month. Starting with the beautiful ambassador of January: Abby

So many adjectives could be used to describe Abby.. things like Sweet, sassy, energetic, beautiful, loving, friendly. None of the things that a bully has chosen. It is clear to see that anyone who thinks differently, just hasn't opened their eyes. She radiates life and love just moments after meeting her. She kept me laughing and smiling the entire evening. I just love her. She will grow up to do big things, she already is.

You know those people that you meet once in a very rare moon that you walk away knowing they made your life better in just moments after entering? I was lucky enough to meet TWO.

In just a few short weeks since introducing the project, it has gone INTERNATIONAL. The project has blown up to include photographers all over the globe creating chapters to stand up against bullying, one snap at a time. News stations, radio shows, recording artist, makeup artist, boutiques and facebook communities have all reached out to be a part of this amazing movement. One day we will live in a world where bullying doesn't exist, and thanks to people like tiffany- it'll be soon.


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) ATWP IABP2015 bridge bullying greenville hero january photography piedmont portraits https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/2/januray-hero Wed, 04 Feb 2015 01:02:27 GMT
Alessandra Milestone https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/1/alessandra-milestone Alessandra is such a beauty... as you can see.

I started doing her portraits before she even showed her beautiful blue eyes to the world. As you see in the progression photo above, starting with capturing the sweet anticipation of her arrival thru maternity portraits (top left)... beauty runs in the family. I had the privilege of welcoming her into the world by photographing her birth, announcing her arrival through newborn portraits (top right), and most recently her milestone celebration of the first three months of precious life (bottom).

I remember, at her birth session, asking if they thought her blue eyes would change to another color... as many babies do the first couple of months of life...and folks, I got my answer. Check out those gorgeous baby blues...so captivating! and the curl poking from the hat, *SQUEE* Cute. Overload. 


Just look at these curls without the hat... head full of hair since birth and curls to boot. (side note: I call this photo "do you want to eat a snowman?") And those bug blues make another heart stopping appearance.

One of the things I love about my milestone clients is watching them grow, seeing what they've learned and the milestones they've reached at each new session. As you can see below...Alessandra has developed quite a lovely personality and a beautiful smile. She babbles and interacts so much. She was fascinated by the camera (or maybe the crazy camera lady?) She also holds her head up now on tummy time..and even though mom said tummy wasn't her favorite, she did beautifully and humored me the entire time. I even almost got to witness her first roll over (which will be happening soon, if not already by now)!


I can't wait to see her at her 6 month session..or half birthday, as I call it. To see how much she has grown, learned and to capture more memories of these all too fleeting moments. In the meantime, I will leave you with my favorite photo, even though it is above. For me. It perfectly captured her personality and beauty (& curls)..and is the perfect note to end on. Until next time...

athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 3month ATWP a thousand words baby blue eyes curls family flowers greenville grow with me milestone photography piedmont portrait portraits valentines wagon https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/1/alessandra-milestone Fri, 30 Jan 2015 04:45:54 GMT
Clarkson Milestone https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/1/clarkson-milestone Happy Half Birthday to sweet Clarkson!

Sweet Clarkson is one of my adorable Grow with me clients. Grow with me means I get to spend the first year of his life watching him grow and soon become a vivacious toddler. I get to document everything from his very first session as a newborn to a yummy celebration of his first full year of life (a cake smash session). This week we got to celebrate the halfway mark. Above, you can see the difference just six months makes. The sleepy, tiny newborn has grown already into a smiley, babbling charmer. The boat that used to hold him with plenty of room to spare for a nap, now looks like the perfect toy for play.

He was happy the entire session...a rare find in a 6 month old, He loved the camera and loves to smile, move around and play with his feet. No matter the outfit, the prop or the crazy idea, he was a good sport and ready to charm. A real prince charming, with photos to prove it...

I can't wait to capture how much he grows, learns and develops over the next six months. I know you can't wait to see his adorable chubby cheeks either, but in the meantime...here is one more dose of cutie to hold you over...


athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) 6months baby boat children clarkson easley family first year gold greenville grow grow with me milestone newborn photography piedmont prop session smile studio https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2015/1/clarkson-milestone Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:16:27 GMT
Making Memories https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/9/making-memories Making memories is more than a job for me. It is a passion. I grow to love my clients and I truly enjoy blessing them with memories of loved ones that they can cherish for years to come. One of the best ways to hold onto  the legacy of our loved ones, and to share them with others is through portraits.

I get so many reasons daily as to why people DO NOT want their portraits taken.

"Just do a session of my children, I look rough and need new clothes"

"We will have family pictures done when I lose about 30 pounds"

"Can you trim me down, and remove my double chin?"

"I don't want maternity pictures done, I feel like a whale"

These are all reasons I have actually received, when someone is inquiring about a session. It breaks my heart. Our loved ones love us the way we are, not some unreal perception of us. No we aren't perfect. I am the first to tell you that I need to shed some major pounds, I have a bad scar on my face from a dog attack, I need a tan badly, and yes I don a double chin...but My mom, daughter, husband love me just the way that I am. Is it fair that if (God forbid) something happen to me, that I deny them memories of me?... photographs to flip and cry/laugh through while sharing stories and the pride in my eyes that shows in my pictures because of all the blessings God has given me...simply because I need to lose weight or get a tan?

Mom, Dads, Grandparents; listen to me... I see A LOT of faces. I meet A LOT of people. You are more beautiful than you can ever imagine. I see so much beauty in every face I encounter. The love that shines through when you're holding your daughter. That smile that can only be shown while you tickle your son. The pride in your face when surrounded by your family. That's Beauty. That is more beautiful than anything photoshop can brush in or trim off...that is what it's about. They deserve to have those memories long after we are gone.  

Today I want to share the Brown/Tyre family with you. This is not a recent session...but is one near to my heart. I truly feel the need to share their story with you, not only to express the importance of capturing those memories with loved ones before it's too late and encourage you to put aside any self consciousness you might feel about being photographed; but to introduce you to a feisty, funny and loving lady that I had the pleasure of knowing. I am going to give you an example of what BEAUTIFUL looks like.

 I was contacted about doing a "Generation" session for the family. Below (clockwise) Donna, Mallie, Dianne, Ashley, Hayden, Harrison & Lesley. You see, Mallie, the grandmother was blessed to get to know her little great grandkids, like so many great-grandparents aren't fortunate enough to do, and the children and grandchildren wanted to have these memories for them to cherish forever. In the photo, you see 4 generations of family. That is what beautiful looks like.


Beautiful is a Great-Grandmother laughing and playing with her great grandsons.

It is capturing a moment in time filled with love that can never be lost. See, in the picture below, there is no doubt that the boys aren't thinking about anything other than the love they have for their great grandmother. They aren't concerned with physical beauty or flaws, they are in the moment... they will always have these moments with her to remember.

Beautiful is how this picture melts your heart but makes you smile in the same moment. Granddaughters laughing and enjoying time with their grandma, big smooch on the cheek. Her face just conveys the pride she feels for them. Every time they see this photo, they are taken to this moment and all the other great memories they were blessed to share with their grandma.

you see, last year this family had to say goodbye to the matriarch of their family. This funny, crazy, strong woman will never be forgotten...So many cherished memories, so many precious moments that they got to enjoy with a woman that will always be in their heart.  You don't remember your insecurities or frustrations; you simply remember the love, the happiness and moment. As sad as I get thinking about the loss of this great lady, I feel so blessed to be involved in their moments and to provide them with beautiful lasting memories.



In Loving Memory of Mallie Jo Brown

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Regina https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/9/regina I recently had the pleasure of capturing Regina's maternity portraits, and spend time with her growing family. It is always a joy to provide lasting memories for families, but the celebration and excitement of a new little one coming into world is like none other. This sweet family will be welcoming a little girl into the world in just a few short weeks. I will be documenting the memories of this beautiful family and their new addition over the next year. This maternity shoot was just the first of many. I am so excited to watch them all grow and see the love multiply over the next 12+ months. The next time you see these faces, there will be a brand new addition, with her birth portraits.  Until then, Lets get to know these guys a little better.

Dad Paul holding son Enzo and beautiful mom to be Regina

Enzo is going to be a big brother!!!He's still a little young to know exactly what that responsibility entails. I have no doubt though that with his sweet disposition, he will be the best big brother any little girl could ask for.  He delighted in picking the wildflowers and loved giving them to mom and dad. It was quite literally the sweetest thing. Can't you just tell he's a happy little guy? He is an explorer. He loved looking around and exploring the mill. He was so well behaved and happy the entire time, anyone with a toddler knows that can be rare! I really loved watching his dad throw him into the air like an airplane, I think that was his favorite thing in the world.. he kept saying "more, more!"

Enzo with the wild flowers


Regina is the epitome of a beautiful glowing expectant mother. She has the perfect baby bump, and could easily be a mommy model, just check out her photos below. She has the best sense of humor about her growing bump, joking with Paul about "somehow putting on some weight lately". 

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The Bridges Family https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/9/the-bridges-family I've known mom, Mica for several years, and have loved watching her become a mom and seeing her kids grow through snap shots on social media. When I got the opportunity to take her families portraits,  I was so excited. She has three amazingly sweet and adorable little ones, and they have the most beautiful farm set up for portraits. I had a blast playing with them, being silly and capturing moments. It was also really nice to get the chance to catch up with Mica too.












This is the oldest, Levi... I nicknamed him stinkapotomus while I was there (just to get him to laugh) The moment I drove up, he opened my door for me and "introduced" me to his mom as "his new friend" (even though I have known her longer than he has been alive). He is such a sweetheart. Total future heartbreaker. He did so well modeling for me. Anything I asked, he did and did it with a smile to boot. Isn't he handsome?


Lexi. Middle Child. total girl. Diva to the bone (Do the hot pink and sparkles give it away??) She knows what she wants and just exactly how she is going to do it. No help needed. She can hang with the best of them and probably beat them at it if she wanted :)


Jacob is the baby and is all boy and always on the go. A cute little guy, with the sweetest smile. I loved watching him play and discover everything that was out there. He's so happy and I got the biggest kick out of watching him play with the little dog, Lucy. It was so sweet. Everything this little guy does is just too cute!



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Welcome Baby Barrett https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/8/welcome-baby-barrett Meet Handsome Little man Barrett D. Born on August 8, and only 9 precious days young when I got the pleasure of meeting him and taking his first professional portraits.


So handsome and so sweet. A head full of black hair and the cutest little button nose. Slept the entire time and only wiggled a little when I moved him around. Handled his first portraits like a pro (maybe better than a pro) and snuggled into whatever prop I placed him and snoozed away. I could've held him all afternoon long, but mom and dad expected SOME pictures from the session :)


I've had the pleasure of working with the family before, taking older brother Ruts first birthday pictures, but I was my first time meeting Sweet Avelynn. What a little diva. Had her makeup pack and had to put on her lipstick before every photo. She is the oldest of the three and has the mother hen part of being a big sister down pat...even making sure mommy burped little Barrett after eating. She loves hugging and holding him, and was so happy to do the portraits, ready to pose and do whatever I asked her to do. Rut is the middle child and is your typical toddler...not interested in pictures AT ALL but avoids them in the most adorable ways. He would rather watch me work, than be involved in it. He's a sweet little guy, but who has time for pictures when there is so much other stuff to do?? Luckily playing Peekaboo behind the camera almost always works, and he obliged me for a while :) Boy am I glad he did, look at how handsome he is! what a good looking group of kids, huh?


Avery just glows. It is hard to tell she is recovering from surgery or child birth. She makes having a child and raising 3 kids look like a piece of cake. Doesn't need a touch of makeup and still beautiful, lets all be jealous for a moment .....


Amazing parents, Ryan and Avery are such a joy to know. I'm telling y'all this is one good looking and amazing family. You can tell just by looking at their sneak peeks. Can't you just feel the love and pride in this photo?

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Three Little Monkeys https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/8/three-little-monkeys Today, I got to have fun at the park with these three amazingly cute little ones. I had so much fun getting to know them and each of their very different personalities. Its so neat to see how each of them are different already at this young age. Lets not forget how cute they are. Believe it or not they are even cuter in person. I know, I know...I almost died of adorable overload.


The oldest is Caleb and what a ham he is. He is the silly one of the three. Ready to smile when you ask.When I got out of the car and met them, Caleb said "The Cari's going to take our picture" How stinking cute is that? He's a good big brother too, loves his sister and brother and did so good helping held her in the pictures. What a handsome little man too, huh?



Ethan was the thinker.I have a feeling he is going to be an engineer or architect when he grows up. He had no time for pictures, he was too busy trying to figure out how things worked and following around a little girl that had snacks :) I finally got a smile from him though thanks to tickles from dad, and I am glad I did. How cute is it??



Finally, Miss Adelyn. Definitely the princess of the family. Can't you tell? The best model at only 6 months of age. She smiled and smiled, loved having her picture taken and has the sweetest little personality... she's such a beauty to boot.

I can't wait to do portraits of these little cuties again...

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Clarkson https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/8/clarkson Meet Clarkson. Little firecracker baby, born on the 4th of July. I dare you not to fall in love with that sweet face. I do believe he easily makes teddy bears jealous. They only wish they could pull off teddy ears so adorably.












His nursery is decorated in the cutest nautical theme, so we knew we had to bring out the sailboat. He loved the boat, born sailor...he snoozed the entire time he was in it. no matter how much we moved him around. In fact, I have to give sweet Clarkson many compliments. At 5 weeks old, he was a breeze to photograph. He let us move him around, adjust him, change out countless set-ups and props and never once cried. I am not sure he knows how to :) The most content little guy I have had yet. Must be a born model. (you might want to look into that, mom and dad!) As a matter of fact, as you can see here, we even got a few smirks from the sweetie pie.

  His entire family was a pleasure to work with. Very open, friendly and funny. I can tell why Clarkson has such a sweet disposition.. he is growing in an amazing family. I cannot wait to work with this little guy again, as well as the rest of the family. It is families like these that only confirm that I am not actually working, but living my dream of making memories for amazing people.















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Make a Statement https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/7/make-a-statement  

This was about more than a session... this was a statement. Life can take us many places and change us in many ways. Staying true to who you are is the most important thing you can do. This is why I love photography. It's more than a pretty picture on a wall. It's a statement about the subject, its a passion for showing a story and sharing who a person is on the inside, as much as it is looking at the person on the outside.

This is Courtney's adorable family. (Jayce, Madalyn and Courtney) pictured right.

Courtney has made many changes over the past year or so. Some harder than others and when she contacted me about a session, I knew it was more than just annual family portraits. She wanted to celebrate who she has become and her journey to get there. Single mom, going through a divorce and recently lost over 200 pounds....proud that she has finally found herself (in more ways than one) and proud of her two mini-me's.

Looking at these photos you can just sense her confidence and pride in herself and her little family. I am sure she didn't do everything along her journey perfect and sometimes she had regrets...but looking at her life and her accomplishments.. namely the two adorable ones pictured, I know she has no regrets now. What a beautiful little family. It was such a joy to spend time with them. As it always is... I am proud to call her my sister.

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Back Home https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/7/back-home They say that you never really leave home, you just visit some places for longer than others. This quote fits perfectly for the adorable Brooks Family (pictured below: Jonah, Misty, Kilee, Ean & Jacob).Being a military family means that they have to be ready to move wherever they are told. South Carolina will always be home, though. And recently, they got to return home, even if just for a short time. while here, I was given the pleasure of photographing this adorable family. I feel so blessed to provide this family with memories that they'll cherish. I feel honored to work with a family that serves our country so selflessly. I can't imagine the sacrifice on every one of their parts... knowing that they'll have these photos to look at while he is deployed warms my heart.

Adorable family, huh? But those kids...they have to be the cutest kids I have seen in a while.  Each have their own personalities, and I loved getting to know each of them... I just wish I had more time to watch them interact and play in the park.

...and talk about southern class. They were all showing their pride for their home state with the boys in their adorable seersucker bow ties and her matching skirt that had palmetto trees & crescent moons.

Jonah with his adorable blond curls and rosy cheeks, was faster than lightening and kept us all on our toes. He had a blast chasing the ducks at the park and running in the soft grass. He has a personality that could light up a room. One look below, and you will see his personality shining through in the photo.

Kilee was so sweet and girly. You can even tell in her photos. A little model. She loved it, choosing spots to pose, smiling when I asked and just being a beauty (which came so naturally). Mark my word... she is going to be famous one day

The oldest is Ean, what a handsome young man. They better be careful, because he is going to have to beat them off with a stick. He's quiet, reserved and the best big brother. Isn't he a heart breaker?

I hope I get to see them again soon. I love how clients are more like friends and family than customers. Home will be here waiting.. until then, prayers for safe travel and our thanks for their service.



athousandwordssc@gmail.com (A Thousand Words Photography) Carolina Deployed Military South army family home travel https://www.athousandwordssc.com/blog/2014/7/back-home Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:17:36 GMT