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Welcome Baby Barrett

August 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Handsome Little man Barrett D. Born on August 8, and only 9 precious days young when I got the pleasure of meeting him and taking his first professional portraits.


So handsome and so sweet. A head full of black hair and the cutest little button nose. Slept the entire time and only wiggled a little when I moved him around. Handled his first portraits like a pro (maybe better than a pro) and snuggled into whatever prop I placed him and snoozed away. I could've held him all afternoon long, but mom and dad expected SOME pictures from the session :)


I've had the pleasure of working with the family before, taking older brother Ruts first birthday pictures, but I was my first time meeting Sweet Avelynn. What a little diva. Had her makeup pack and had to put on her lipstick before every photo. She is the oldest of the three and has the mother hen part of being a big sister down pat...even making sure mommy burped little Barrett after eating. She loves hugging and holding him, and was so happy to do the portraits, ready to pose and do whatever I asked her to do. Rut is the middle child and is your typical toddler...not interested in pictures AT ALL but avoids them in the most adorable ways. He would rather watch me work, than be involved in it. He's a sweet little guy, but who has time for pictures when there is so much other stuff to do?? Luckily playing Peekaboo behind the camera almost always works, and he obliged me for a while :) Boy am I glad he did, look at how handsome he is! what a good looking group of kids, huh?


Avery just glows. It is hard to tell she is recovering from surgery or child birth. She makes having a child and raising 3 kids look like a piece of cake. Doesn't need a touch of makeup and still beautiful, lets all be jealous for a moment .....


Amazing parents, Ryan and Avery are such a joy to know. I'm telling y'all this is one good looking and amazing family. You can tell just by looking at their sneak peeks. Can't you just feel the love and pride in this photo?


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