Making Memories

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Making memories is more than a job for me. It is a passion. I grow to love my clients and I truly enjoy blessing them with memories of loved ones that they can cherish for years to come. One of the best ways to hold onto  the legacy of our loved ones, and to share them with others is through portraits.

I get so many reasons daily as to why people DO NOT want their portraits taken.

"Just do a session of my children, I look rough and need new clothes"

"We will have family pictures done when I lose about 30 pounds"

"Can you trim me down, and remove my double chin?"

"I don't want maternity pictures done, I feel like a whale"

These are all reasons I have actually received, when someone is inquiring about a session. It breaks my heart. Our loved ones love us the way we are, not some unreal perception of us. No we aren't perfect. I am the first to tell you that I need to shed some major pounds, I have a bad scar on my face from a dog attack, I need a tan badly, and yes I don a double chin...but My mom, daughter, husband love me just the way that I am. Is it fair that if (God forbid) something happen to me, that I deny them memories of me?... photographs to flip and cry/laugh through while sharing stories and the pride in my eyes that shows in my pictures because of all the blessings God has given me...simply because I need to lose weight or get a tan?

Mom, Dads, Grandparents; listen to me... I see A LOT of faces. I meet A LOT of people. You are more beautiful than you can ever imagine. I see so much beauty in every face I encounter. The love that shines through when you're holding your daughter. That smile that can only be shown while you tickle your son. The pride in your face when surrounded by your family. That's Beauty. That is more beautiful than anything photoshop can brush in or trim off...that is what it's about. They deserve to have those memories long after we are gone.  

Today I want to share the Brown/Tyre family with you. This is not a recent session...but is one near to my heart. I truly feel the need to share their story with you, not only to express the importance of capturing those memories with loved ones before it's too late and encourage you to put aside any self consciousness you might feel about being photographed; but to introduce you to a feisty, funny and loving lady that I had the pleasure of knowing. I am going to give you an example of what BEAUTIFUL looks like.

 I was contacted about doing a "Generation" session for the family. Below (clockwise) Donna, Mallie, Dianne, Ashley, Hayden, Harrison & Lesley. You see, Mallie, the grandmother was blessed to get to know her little great grandkids, like so many great-grandparents aren't fortunate enough to do, and the children and grandchildren wanted to have these memories for them to cherish forever. In the photo, you see 4 generations of family. That is what beautiful looks like.


Beautiful is a Great-Grandmother laughing and playing with her great grandsons.

It is capturing a moment in time filled with love that can never be lost. See, in the picture below, there is no doubt that the boys aren't thinking about anything other than the love they have for their great grandmother. They aren't concerned with physical beauty or flaws, they are in the moment... they will always have these moments with her to remember.

Beautiful is how this picture melts your heart but makes you smile in the same moment. Granddaughters laughing and enjoying time with their grandma, big smooch on the cheek. Her face just conveys the pride she feels for them. Every time they see this photo, they are taken to this moment and all the other great memories they were blessed to share with their grandma.

you see, last year this family had to say goodbye to the matriarch of their family. This funny, crazy, strong woman will never be forgotten...So many cherished memories, so many precious moments that they got to enjoy with a woman that will always be in their heart.  You don't remember your insecurities or frustrations; you simply remember the love, the happiness and moment. As sad as I get thinking about the loss of this great lady, I feel so blessed to be involved in their moments and to provide them with beautiful lasting memories.



In Loving Memory of Mallie Jo Brown


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