Alessandra Milestone

January 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Alessandra is such a beauty... as you can see.

I started doing her portraits before she even showed her beautiful blue eyes to the world. As you see in the progression photo above, starting with capturing the sweet anticipation of her arrival thru maternity portraits (top left)... beauty runs in the family. I had the privilege of welcoming her into the world by photographing her birth, announcing her arrival through newborn portraits (top right), and most recently her milestone celebration of the first three months of precious life (bottom).

I remember, at her birth session, asking if they thought her blue eyes would change to another color... as many babies do the first couple of months of life...and folks, I got my answer. Check out those gorgeous baby captivating! and the curl poking from the hat, *SQUEE* Cute. Overload. 


Just look at these curls without the hat... head full of hair since birth and curls to boot. (side note: I call this photo "do you want to eat a snowman?") And those bug blues make another heart stopping appearance.

One of the things I love about my milestone clients is watching them grow, seeing what they've learned and the milestones they've reached at each new session. As you can see below...Alessandra has developed quite a lovely personality and a beautiful smile. She babbles and interacts so much. She was fascinated by the camera (or maybe the crazy camera lady?) She also holds her head up now on tummy time..and even though mom said tummy wasn't her favorite, she did beautifully and humored me the entire time. I even almost got to witness her first roll over (which will be happening soon, if not already by now)!


I can't wait to see her at her 6 month session..or half birthday, as I call it. To see how much she has grown, learned and to capture more memories of these all too fleeting moments. In the meantime, I will leave you with my favorite photo, even though it is above. For me. It perfectly captured her personality and beauty (& curls)..and is the perfect note to end on. Until next time...


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