Januray Hero - I Am Beautiful Project

February 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

This year I have started my new project aimed at bringing attention to the hero's of our community; titled The Local Hero Project. These hero's are life vein of our community; often overlooked (which most actually prefer, to stay out of the limelight); their projects, outreaching and amazing actions given many a voice, a will to fight and a purpose to keep going. The goal of this project is to not only bring attention to their cause and encourage support; but to celebrate them, to say thank you, and show them how beautiful they are- inside and out.

My first month is focused on a project so dynamic and revolutionary that I had to pick not one, but TWO heros to represent it.



Meet Tiffany....

A local photographer and owner at Over the Moon Photography by Tiffany, with passion for the following: God, Family, Photography, and others. Tiffany has found a brilliant way to use her passions and experiences in life in such a beautiful and positive way. A beautiful and vibrant woman with a killer personality, it is hard to imagine she's ever experienced anything close to bullying. Unfortunately in her youth, she was the target of others hatefulness like too many kids. One can choose to let moments, or others define who you are...or be who you are despite these moments. Tiffany did not let them set her worth, but instead rose up to the challenge of defining herself and finding the joy in life; as a mother, wife, woman of God and last year, when she picked up her first camera [that was loaned to her by a friend] - as a photographer. She found a new way to express herself and eventually help others to do the same through her talent.

This year, she unveiled The I Am Beautiful Project. Aimed at encouraging our community to stand up to bullying, and giving those who have fallen victim their voice through self confidence- by donating beautiful portrait sessions to one ambassador a month. Starting with the beautiful ambassador of January: Abby

So many adjectives could be used to describe Abby.. things like Sweet, sassy, energetic, beautiful, loving, friendly. None of the things that a bully has chosen. It is clear to see that anyone who thinks differently, just hasn't opened their eyes. She radiates life and love just moments after meeting her. She kept me laughing and smiling the entire evening. I just love her. She will grow up to do big things, she already is.

You know those people that you meet once in a very rare moon that you walk away knowing they made your life better in just moments after entering? I was lucky enough to meet TWO.

In just a few short weeks since introducing the project, it has gone INTERNATIONAL. The project has blown up to include photographers all over the globe creating chapters to stand up against bullying, one snap at a time. News stations, radio shows, recording artist, makeup artist, boutiques and facebook communities have all reached out to be a part of this amazing movement. One day we will live in a world where bullying doesn't exist, and thanks to people like tiffany- it'll be soon.



No words thank you for explaining the cause and also for spreading the word. You made me cry at how you captured exactly what I would want said. Thank you so much :)
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