Newborn mentor session: Aryanna

March 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have been very blessed to be given the opportunity of mentoring a fellow photographer in the amazing world of newborn photography. Tiffany Moon is owner of Over the Moon Photography and is an AMAZING local photographer that has been running her photography business for a little over a year. Even though she is familiar with most realms of the photography world, she has recently just become more intrigued with the very detailed aspect of newborn photography. She approached me about mentoring... I was not actively looking to mentor at the time, but since I not only love her, but also love newborn photography- I jumped at the chance!






















Sweet Aryanna was our first little model. Brought by Over the Moon. Sweet little chunky cheeked princess at roughly 10 pounds and 3 weeks old. What a dream model she turned out to be. Newborns older than 10 days can be more alert, and difficult to get into those sleeping, squishy poses but we welcomed the challenge.... well no challenge here! Once her belly got full, she was ready for the action and slept like a dream through every wrap, bucket, tie back. I could not get enough of this sweet girl. Even in between poses, she gave us some beautiful natural shots. Can you believe the amazing head full of light hair she has? what a still my heart!

I had an amazing time working with tiffany and getting to know the family (funny story: it was actually discovered that I used to go to church with Aryanna's mom, Rebecca and her family when we were very young!). I think we've hooked another photographer into the world of newborn portraits and hooked me into the amazing experience of mentoring. Building relationships in the industry (well, actually becoming close friends) and teeny tiny newborns...what's not to fall in love with??


tiffany moon(non-registered)
Thank you again for mentoring me just in to sessions I have learned a ton. Look forward to learning more and a lifetime friendship with you girlie. You're the best :)
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