Newborn Mentor Session: Noah

March 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

Sweet Noah was our model for phase two of mentoring. This time Tiffany from Over the Moon Photography was given the opportunity to be more hands on with the session. I helped with new poses and served as a spotter/assistant and was there when needed but this was her chance to test her knowledge from the last session and she spread her wings a little bit. This also gave her the chance to work with anadorable baby boy and one much younger in age. Sweet Noah who was just shy of a week.

Noah was more alert than most little ones his age, but offered a great learning opportunity and gave us more chances to snuggle and love on him. No complaints here! As you can see here, he loved looking around and trying to see things with his fresh still growing eyes. I am sure when we came in for close up shots, he wondered what craziness was going on.. He gave is some of the funniest stink eyes while wrapping and putting hats/bonnets on him. I can tell you now, the little guy is going to have a HUGE personality. He got his revenge though, peeing on me twice and pooping every chance he got! He wanted us to know his personal stance on the subject of newborn photography! Luckily a little baby pee doesn't scare me! If so... I wouldn't be in the business (no pun intended) and his full belly mixed with the warm room (and a few other soothing tricks we keep up our sleeves) made for a sleepy baby.






















I just loved his tiny little sandy blond cowlick and chubby cheeks. This, my friends is what a ladies man looks like..



Rebecca moon(non-registered)
I love the Mr. Cool pose. It's great being able to share your passion with a fellow photographer. These pictures are absolutely adorable. I love the baby in a basket.
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