Baby Kingston

April 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

Every family I work with is special to me. Every newborn that I get to celebrate a new life with, is an amazing experience. But sweet Kingston will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

When I was contacted by one of this moms to discuss a newborn session, I was asked if we could hold the session soon. His mom started to explain that he was already 2 weeks old and she knew that newborn sessions typically ran "the younger the better", but circumstance had delayed their ability to have them sooner. She began to explain to me that they are foster parents and open their home to children in need. They often have kids coming in for a time, then leaving to either return home, or go to a new one. Kingston is a bit different, though. Sweet little Kingston was born in need of a forever home and these beautiful women were contacted about him.



Without skipping a beat, they accepted and knew they were to  be his parents. They opened their homes and their hearts to this tiny new life that needed both. Even among trials they've faced recently, (a severe accident causing extreme injury and several surgeries) they continue to give towards the needs of little lives. They had to wait until Kingston was officially theirs to book the session, and happily- they were finally ready!


This story was so close to my heart, because it reminds me so much of my own little love. Four years ago in October, we received a similar call about a sweet little girl. It took me back to that moment of my heart stopping and hope being renewed in my life of finally becoming a mom. I remember the uncertainty for a period, followed by the celebration when she was officially 'our little girl'. I feel truly blessed and honored to be welcomed into this extraordinary moment in this families offer memories of this time when a tiny, brand new life became complete and was given the gift of unconditional love and a family to cherish him forever. It almost bring tears to my eyes, because I know that feeling in his parents hearts, where he has changed their lives, completed their hearts, while trying to do so for him. 

I am one blessed photographer. 


That story was beautiful. That story touched my heart.
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