Berkley & Adelyne

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This was my first time getting to meet these sweet sisters even though I went to high school with their momma. What a blessing they were! Dressed to match in such adorable little outfits and with such BIG personalities, it is impossible to look at these two without a smile. They both were so fascinated with Shrek and Berkley had a blast petting and feeding him. She was completely enamored with him. Baby Adelyne wasn't quite as sure at first but just had a ball watching her big sister play with him

...actually I don't think there is much that little Adelyne didn't have a ball doing: sitting on a suitcase, standing in the grass, watching Shrek run around, being with her sister, etc...this cutie-pie smiled and giggled through it all. She just enjoyed the fun. It was so fun watching her be her sweet smiley self. seriously, don't you want to pinch those cheeks?

Berkley is your typical 4 year old, full of sass and wonder and is so much fun. She wasn't afraid of Shrek in the least...ready to pet him the moment her feet hit the ground. Ready to explore the farm and learn...and totally into the farm owners little boy. She humored me for pictures and did so well, but she had more fun letting him show her around and be a little gentleman to her. It was seriously she cutest thing ever... He even showed her around his barn and let her climb the roost loft where they sat and talked. 

I had so much fun with these two, and I hope I get to do photos with them again sometime soon! 


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