Once upon a time

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In a land far far away, lived two little girls that wore capes so red, they were known as the Crimson Sisters. They lived near a forest so deep that not even the most brave dare enter.


Legends were told of innocent children, whom entered the forest to never be seen again. It was told that an angry wolf lived amongst the thickets and fed on children who were foolish enough to enter.

Even when the girls must visit their grandmother whom lived in the village on the other side of the forest, they traveled miles out of their way to avoid the dark thick forest. No matter the situation, they were to NEVER enter the forest, their mother warned...and they always obeyed their mothers wishes.

One morning the family received news that their grandmother had fallen extremely ill. The sisters were instructed to leave out as soon as possible, follow the trail that runs around the forest and carry their grandmother some food and medicine. The Crimson sisters packed their basket with bread, and fruit and grabbed their lanterns, as dawn was just breaking over the horizon. Very carefully, they followed the trail that ran alongside the forest, careful to not step one toe within the edge of the trees. Every snapping twig, every strange animal call sent shivers down their spine.

They were nearly halfway to their grandmothers, when they heard a noise. A soft, sad cry. The cry that only a small child makes... coming from deep within the forest. Their first instinct was to ignore it. All kids knew to avoid the forest, surely one had not entered. Maybe their ears were playing tricks on them. Just to be sure, they inched closer to the trees that bordered the edge, leaning their heads just into the shadows to get a better listen. The cry became louder, "A baby!" the younger sister whispered. "How can we leave a tiny baby to be eaten by the wolf?" the older sister said in response. Clinging tightly to their lanters, they agreed to enter the forest carefully. They knew they should stay close together and find the child as quickly as possible.

Together they headed into the direction of the cry. Slowly and quietly, they hoped to not be seen or heard. Fear was as thick in the air as the morning dew. They deeper they traveled into the woods, the further away the cry seemed. It was never within reach. Finally the sisters, sure that the child could not be found decided to head back towards the trail...but which direction was that?

As they began searching for familiar signs to lead them back, they heard a twig snap close by. Turning quickly, they saw him. Stalking them, pacing back and forth, licking his razor sharp teeth. Then he let out a noise, one that sounded just like a babies cry, followed by a low angry growl. The girls had been tricked! Dropping their basket and lantern they ran as fast as they could. Unsure of where they were going. Running for their lives. Running on sheer terror. They ran so long and so hard that they could no longer run. Night had fallen and they were still deep within the forest.

Finding a hollow tree, they hid within the shadows of the trunk. The strong oak protected them through the night. The wolf completely unaware. Once the sun began to break through the trees, the girls began to run again. Fear motivating them, they finally reached the forests edge. They could see their grandmothers house, safety. The only children to EVER survive the forbidden forest.

*adapted from the original story "the Little Red Riding Hood" by the Brothers Grimm


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I just love this story, such an imagination !!
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