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Rhonda-Breastfeeding Session

April 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There is something so special about the bond that is shared between a mother and child. An unbreakable bond that starts at pregnancy and grows stronger everyday. One of the sweetest moments of bonding shared between a mother and child is that of breastfeeding. More than just a source of sustenance and immunity strengthening, it is a moment in time that stands still. When life is less chaotic, a growing , learning and almost non stop baby or toddler just rests and both are present in that moment. Eye contact is held, you study each others faces and caress each others skin. It is a moment designed by God for only mothers. It is a precious gift.  


...one that can be heartbreaking if forced to end before you're both ready.

When Rhonda contacted me about the session, there was a sense of urgency in her request. She request a quick booking date and stated "I don't know how much longer she will be breastfeeding and would like to get the memories while I can". Later I discovered that it was because she could be losing the ability soon due to a procedure. A previous doctors visit revealed some cause for concern, a few lumps were discovered and as a result she would need a biopsy. The biopsy could negatively effect her ability to breastfeed. Sadly, her days of spending the precious bonding moments with her daughter were hanging in the balance. She wanted to capture the love shared during this precious time before it was potentially too late.













This amazingly strong women came to her session after having her breast cut open to remove the spots for biopsy. The very same day! Without one word of complaint, she allowed me to capture an amazing moment she shared with her little one. No one would have believed she was sore and bruised or had just undergone a procedure. I was amazed with the bond and love I was able to capture. A beautiful location, two beautiful clients and an amazing moment. It was purely magical.



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