Spring Minis: Izzy, Alex & Sal

April 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

These three are some of my favorite clients. I truly enjoy seeing them and getting the opportunity to capture memories for their lovely momma. They are the sweetest siblings, and always dressed to the nines. How adorable are their seersucker outfits, couldn't you just eat these guys up?


The girls were so gentle and sweet with the lamb. It can be nerve wracking anytime you introduce small children to different animals but I was so proud of how well they adjusted to little Shrek (the lamb). Izzy even got to feed him for a moment. They were not afraid at all and he was very comfortable around them. It's like he knew they were gentle young ladies. It was the sweetest thing watching them all interact.


Sal, the explorer was not so interested in the lamb as he was wondering around the farm. He's so cute and funny..but to be just getting steady on his feet- he is FAST! He can really give you a workout, but I love it. I love the opportunity to catch candid moments and Sal is the perfect little guy for those moments. He was in L-O-V-E with the tractor on the farm. I think I see a farmer in the future...or at least an all boy tractor mini session :) How cute is he? I mean, really....


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