Sweet Maggie

June 11, 2015  •  3 Comments

Meet Maggie.

A beautiful old soul, with eyes full of concern for others and a heart as big as she is. The grey around her muzzle, a telltale of her age. Her slow walk and labored breath are harsh reminders that time has taken its toll on her body. While there are obvious signs of her thirteen years of life showing on her, what you can't see easily are the thirteen years of love she has received and given back. You can't tell by looking at her that she has helped raise and play with 2 children, 4 grandchildren and been a jungle gym, shoulder to cry on, family protector and best friend. You can't count the monsters she has scared away,  the hugs she has received, or even the slobbery kisses she has given. Those treasures are stored in her heart and in the hearts of the ones she has shared these precious moments with. They don't need to show on her body, because if you look closely you can catch a glimpse in her eyes, when she looks at her family or in the quick flicker of her tail when she sees a child. More importantly, you can feel it.  

Maggie has spent thirteen years being more than mans best friend. She has been family. Thirteen years will never seem like long enough for those saying goodbye to her, but she has given and received more love in those years than many have the privilege of experiencing in a human lifetime...and even in those final moments tomorrow, when she gently and quietly falls asleep and rests for the last time she will be surrounded by that overpowering love and commitment that she has always known and shown. Her heart will be full and so will her family.

Good Girl, Maggie.





Nancy Whiting(non-registered)
Sorrow not forever my friend
though today you may be blue.
The years do pass quickly
with such a friend so true.

The love that stays within us
is forever I am told,
and shines on in the hearts
of all both young and old.

Grieve not forever, my friend
and always know that this is true
The life we shared so many years
were filled with love for you.

Good-bye my love, my dear one,
for all this life must end.
Hearken not to sadness now,
know you were my cherished friend.

For one the day will be the last,
for others life will course on.
Loving Maggie leaves us now;
with our happy rascal Orson.
Maggie! You touched my heart just by reading this tribute to you. I know you will be missed and mourned by your wonderful family. You did such a good job taking care of them and loving them. I know they love you, too.

Go across that Rainbow Bridge, run and play with all of our lost loved ones, but know one day in the future you and your family will be reunited! Until then, run free, chase lightning bugs and butterflies, and roll in the beautiful green grass in Heaven!

Much love to you, and your family.

Good girl, Maggie!
Rebecca moon(non-registered)
Such a sweet tribute. Cari you have a talent for seeing into the soul
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