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Destiny and Evan: These two have to not only be one of the cutest couple, but probably my favorite session ever! You just cannot go wrong with a gorgeous couple, a sunflower field, a long flowing dress and bow-tie/suspenders combo. Add in an adorable story to boot..and well, cuteness overload. 






















Destiny and Evan met when they were both in the military in Afghanistan. Apparently, whenever there was a problem with equipment, Evan would have to visit Destiny (it was protocol). The thing is, Evan had a lot of "equipment issues", which warranted having to visit her A LOT. There is even the story of the time he may or may not have left his hat behind on purpose, causing her to have to hunt him down to return it. His persistence paid off, and the rest as they say, is history. Now with one little boy and girl each already, they are welcoming their little miracle Callaway this summer. I for one, cannot wait to meet him!!



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