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I love (and I mean LOVE) maternity sessions. 

I mean look at that and tell me, what's not to love? Glowing mommy-to-be, proud daddy-to-be, excitement in the air, love for your partner like you've never felt before. Excitement is growing as the day gets closer to meet your little one.






















Planning his future, imagining how he will look and act. You want to document every moment, kick and heartbeat... every second possible.

This sweet mom has taken the unique and fun approach of using her beautiful voice to document the fun (and not so fun but FUNNY) side to pregnancy with parodies like "I'm Preggo". If you have a toddler or just not been living under a rock the past year or two, you'll recognize the tune (hint: think chilly princesses).. and if you have ever been pregnant or even known a pregnant lady, you'll realize just how accurate her words are. You can find the video here: (or at the bottom of the blog).

I wish them all the amazing joys that come with their new love, and hope for many more amazing parodies, maybe soon showing life as a new parent. 



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