Pegram Family

September 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

The Pegram Family:

The Pegram's are some of my favorite and most loyal clients. They are the sweetest family, with the cutest kids. I always enjoy spending time with them. Each kids has their own very different personality and it is so much fun to just watch them be themselves.

From the Diva daddy's girl Adelynn (above and middle, below), to the two boys Ethan and Caleb who are so very different. Ethan (Right, below) is the younger of the two boys but acts most like a grumpy old man. It seriously cracks me up to watch him. He has the old man face down pat! Caleb (left, below) is the oldest and the opposite... a charmer who loves the camera and acts silly to get as many laughs as possible. You can see these very real personalities coming out in the photo below. I love this one because it is just SO them! (Plus a very real look at a photo session with three kids under 4)

As much as their personalities and characteristics spill out in these photos, the one you will notice the most is LOVE. It is written all over every single image I take of this beautiful family. I cannot wait to capture more memories and spend more time with them!



Rebecca Moon(non-registered)
The picture of the 3 kids us really worth a thousand words. Cutest evet
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