Finley Wedding: The First Look

April 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

Finely Wedding: The First Look

A Photographic Story

The Finley's; a beautiful Family with an adorable story. These two were high school sweethearts once upon a time, before life pulled them into different directions. Their story is dynamic and powerful and it is clear that they were meant to be. God brought them back together, just when they needed each other most. Their love story continues...

On April 2; They were married in a lovely, enchanting ceremony. My absolute favorite part, was the sweet private moment they took together for the "first look". A First look is a private moment shared between only the bride and groom, before the wedding. It is the first time he sees the gorgeous love of his life in her wedding dress. It is a moment full of emotion and overflowing with love. The excitement is palpable. I silently step back and let them be "IN" the moment, fully engulfed in one another. 

I love capturing these intimate moments, that I know they will cherish for the rest of their lives.  Join me as I share the beauty of this chapter in their story, through photographs.



In this moment Nate has yet to see her at all. His eyes were closed and back turned as she approached the tree, where he held out his hand for her to grab. You can see the emotion and excitement...



The excitement!!! As Helena rounds the tree, I could almost feel Nate's nervousness. We had to keep telling him to fight the urge to turn his head! 















I adore this moment. This is the exact moment he saw his future wife in her gorgeous wedding dress.. 


He immediately grabbed her and pulled her in, for a kiss. What a beautiful intimate moment...



These two are my absolute favorites. Powerful, protecting and full of emotion. 















I feel so honored to have captured this wedding. It was incredibly gorgeous and intimate and overflowing with love that will last decades. I cannot wait to watch this love story unfold. 


Helena Finley(non-registered)
They are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!
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