Sneak Peek Blog: A Family Reunion

May 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I had the honor of photographing a family reunion this past weekend. At least 4 generations in this photo...

The guest of honor was this beautiful lady, the matriarch of the family. In her 90's, she has a lot to be proud of in her beautiful, big family who all came out to spend time with her. 

These are her boys, who had me cracking up...while wrangling them together for a photo. They may have joke with me, but when momma told them to do something, you better believe they did!

Her Grandchildren all love her dearly too, and as you can see here, she was blessed with many. 

One of them told me about how their grandma used to teach in the very one room building they were gathered in (and photographed outside of) for the reunion. I wish I could have spent more time listening to stories of her interesting life and getting to know her family. She is truly blessed (and as are they to have her!) and I wish them many more years of gathering together to see her and each other..and I am so glad I was chosen to be there to capture it!


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