In Memory of Danielle

May 11, 2016  •  4 Comments

Danielle Williams 

There are many words that I have heard used to describe Danielle over the years that I have known her and her family. Gorgeous, Happy, Sweet, Outgoing, Smart, child of God.

Firefighter's Daughter and daddy' girl.

Redneck Princess might be the one most have used, even for herself. She was country through and through with a big heart and an intelligent, bright future. It perfectly described her sassy personality.

When I first met Danielle she was young, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Tall, skinny, with freckles on her nose. I had just started dating my husband who volunteered with her dad Jimbo at Powdersville Fire Department. I didn't really know anyone yet, but at first look I knew who she belonged to. She looked just like her daddy and acted Just like he and Tracey combined. Outgoing, Country, Sweet and such a people person. Her personality was contagious.

As time went on, like most things and people we didn't get to do as much with the William's but I still enjoyed watching her grow. Seeing the amazing and beautiful young lady she was becoming. The way she was paving for herself...the love she had for her family and friends. 

March 6, was a devastating day for our community and especially her family and friends; as we heard about the fatal accident that took her and two of her friends too soon. As we all look for answers in our master's plans, we find comfort in her faith in our Lord. 

This month, she would be celebrating her prom- doing all the things girls do, and getting ready to walk across the stage as a high school graduate; preparing to enter the world as an adult. Instead we will spend this time in her honor, celebrating her life and remembering her. Knowing she is celebrating in heavenly glory that surpasses our earthly imagination.

No worries, her dress will not hang empty, her best friend will be wearing it in her honor and the celebrations will continue in remembrance. A soul like Danielle's doesn't exist without still feeling her presence.

Her amazing family, friends and community are making sure her legacy lives on. They will be sure that Danielle Williams continues to bless the lives around her, just like she did everyday.

 By creating the Danielle Williams Scholarship Fund, they are helping students achieve their goals of attending college. You can help by donating here:

...and as always, by continuing to lift her family and friends up in prayer. (and please share your memories in the comments section below)


What a horrible thing to have to go through but what an amazing way to remember her! My prayers go out to the family and friends!
Pamela Smith(non-registered)
This is so sweet and touching at the same time, as I pray for all the families involved, I pray for guidance in this difficult time and I also pray for you as well as you pay tribute.
Colbee Leonard(non-registered)
Such a devastatingly beautiful story. I cried the whole way through and can't imagine the pain this family is experiencing. It took a lot of courage on your end to capture such intense, emotional images. You did amazing!!
Rebecca Moon(non-registered)
Such an heart breaking tragedy. Thank you Cari for keeping her spirit alive with this tribute.
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