Feature Friday: Ali Waller Makeup & Skin

May 25, 2017  •  2 Comments

When I planned to feature Ali for Feature Friday, I went into it never having formally met her- definitely not knowing her story or how incredibly funny and like-able she is. I knew she was an incredible artist, from seeing her work and that she was a hardworking mom just like me- kicking butt and taking names (and making those same people feel and look more beautiful while at it) what wasn't to love already?

Walking into her shop, and seeing her smiling face; I felt comfortable and immediately at ease. We chatted like old friends and joked with a similar sense of humor (ok some may call this goofiness, toe-may-toe/Tuh-mah-tuh)





















Hearing her talk about her services (which include waxing, facials, spray tanning and make up artistry) and the business she's
built; I saw the passion in her eyes and love for her job. I saw sheer determination spilling from her.

Folks, when you hear her story in a moment, you'll understand where this passion and determination comes from... and when I tell you as someone who has given up so much myself, and spent every ounce of time, energy, money, and poured blood sweat and tears into my business- you'll never meet a business owner that cares about their business and their clients like a small business owner who's had to fight and claw their way to building their dream. Ali is one of those who has built something from nothing and watch out world, she isn't done yet!

Ali's story:
"In 2011 I was getting out of a toxic and abusive marriage. I was trying to figure out what to do to help support myself and my son. Trying to find myself.
I got involved in a local theater and helped out with the make up for footloose. I absolutely loved it. My sweet friend saw my passion pouring out, and suggested I look into Esthetics.

To fulfill my dream; I put myself through school at night and worked during the day. I did all of this as a single mom... luckily I had family that was very supportive and helpful. I couldn't have done any of this without their love & support.

I worked so hard to use the opportunity I had been given to its full potential. I graduated from esthetics school and passed my state boards with almost near perfect scores.
I worked at Massage Envy as an aesthetician for a few years, and started taking freelance jobs as well.

I found out not long after that I was expecting my second child. I was very sick during my pregnancy and had to go on bed rest at 14 weeks and could no longer work.
My daughter was born a preemie and with multiple disabilities. She has had quite a bit of health problems from the beginning. The past two years she has been my full-time job. I've been able to do some weddings and wedding party make up and spray tans very part time.
Recently she started going to a school for medically complex children and has opened up my schedule to be able to work.
I became my own boss so that I can control my schedule and work around my children's needs. My son is legally blind and go to the school for the blind in Spartanburg. They need me to be readily available for them. This allows me to be that person that they need. As well as do what I am passionate about."

  Isn't it amazing to hear her journey?
You guys, She's just as amazing as she sounds! I encourage you to reach out to her, schedule a service with her whether you want to spruce up your skin to be a bronze goddess of summer, have your makeup done for your wedding/prom/event polish up with a facial or some body waxing or a mix of the above- you won't be disappointed. Not only will you love her expertise, you'll fall in love with her as a person!

You can schedule an appointment or find more information on her services at the following:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 864.367.4516
Web: www.aliwaller.com
FB :Ali Waller Makeup and Skin
IG: aliwallermua


Leo Harry(non-registered)
Makeup trends come and go, but a few have managed to stay put long-term. We will do all trends how stay for long term.
Sharon Grimes(non-registered)
Aliceson is just as good as this article sounds. She has given me and my granddaughter facials. I loved mine. My granddaughter has some problem skin. Aliceson was able to help her clear some of the problems up. She can't wait to go back for her next facial. I have seen some of her makeup jobs for friends at weddings and she is great. I highly recommend her.
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