A Note From A Homeschooling Mom (surrounded by not homeschooled friends) On The First Day

August 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Well today was the day. 
The day that the parks become empty, that target is filled with playful mothers, Starbucks in hand. 

When homeschoolers eyes are open with wonder and shock at not having to wait in line for the swings or museum. 

When our news feeds are filled with tiny little smiling faces holding chalkboards with little shoes that’ll never be so clean again and fresh hair cuts. 

The longest day of carline yet, as everyone figures out exactly what that line of cones mean, and that they accidentally followed the wrong flow of traffic into the high school line instead of the elementary school across the street. 

Social media has shown Some tears, some happy faces and others still in bed at 10:00 (homeschoolers I’m looking at you!) 

A full day of emotion. A new routine. 

Now, as they hop off the bus, climb into the car or walk excitedly home from their first full day, smelling a little like sweat and hand sanitizer- I pray they had a wonderful day, filled with hope and excitement for their year, new best friends and zero bullies. 

I prayed today for all those minds, souls, and hearts. To become full, stay safe, and realize that dreams do come true; but only with hard work.

I prayed for their teachers. To hold onto that passion, and those little hopes and dreams in front of them. To feel like your hard work and effort is instilling a lifetime of everything you want for them, even though you only have 8 hours a day to try to accomplish that. I prayed God shows you the children who need you most, the patience for the ones that need it most, and very few nights crying for the child that you wish you could do more for. I pray for your safety and protection while you lead these little minds to accomplishing their dreams one day. 

I pray, not only today, but everyday.



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